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A Plaza of the Wind:  “Hold On To Your Hat" Plaza. By MoS MoBS LoBS Labs

We’re activating the public space between 11th St and 12th St to offer covid safe "grab n go" learning experiences. An outside that continues inside the home where we build, grow and connect further by sharing our offerings. These will include, but are not limited to:

  • Give-aways of locally grown vegetables, healthy elixirs, and super foods like oysters & roasted kelp strips
  • Bioremediation for "self and soil" workshops led by a biologist
  • Making seed balls and mud balls, and inventing new technologies.  
  • Practicing whole systems thinking 
  • Workshops on how to grow mushrooms at home
  • Engaging interactive asset mapping
  • Sharing hyper local info regarding needs and resources
  • Storytelling through performance, music & arts
  • Doodling our fantastic futures to manifest the extreme of what we dream; to go beyond our dreams and plan the steps needed actualize them
  • Working with other groups including Grace Exhibition Space, Loisaida Center, loisaida Arts, Green Map, East Village Community Coalition, La Plaza Cultural, Campos Garden, EL Jardin Del Paraiso, 6th St Community Center, and others.

This is a community engagement project, woven into the “Microbes to Metropolis" Laboratory currently at Grace Exhibition Space on the plaza. DD is the Artist in Residence until 10-31. The lab space inside is incubating a story of community building that starts with microbes and finishes with designing the metropolis. We attract neighbors to each other out of which we design a society together.

"MoS MoBS LoBS" refers to the Master of Beneficial Succession. We create new connections between lifestyles of bioremediation and symbiosis. We are a laboratory for science, invention and design systems that create the beneficial succession of air, water, soil & selves. Going beyond sustainable systems, these networks leave exponential betterment. 

We continue to experiment despite COVID-19. We slow down, follow guidelines & dream bigger than ever. We are more focused, passionate and determined to use public space safely outside. Combining tech with tradition, we tell our stories, share knowledge and vision with all ages.  

Please support us to make this windy plaza an exponential people place.

the steps

  1. Call in an associate. Sign agreement for stipends. 
  2. Call in the tech and media team. Sign Agreements. 
  3. Send out ads and press release; get the word out.
  4. Post the schedule in large format on the window and online.
  5. Start the offerings.
  6. Record and post to the web. 
  7. Collect and steward the “homework”
  8. Collect emails and stay on people to participate.
  9. Reward people for participating!

why we're doing it

We had been planning to do a large permaculture plan of the LES between 14/Houston since last year, with a shared community schedule of happenings (gardens, community, wellness, family friendly). Grace Exhibition Space, a performance art and permaculture venue, agreed to host us. 

After the onset of COVID-19, Grace exhibition Space stopped holding events inside. I was offered the space to work on deliverables for the eco pageant held May 9. After that I decided to sit in meditation making one mudball for every one of the 30,000 people who died of the virus in NYC. (Mudballs are packed with natural enzymes that clean our waterways.) The EM-1 & molasses were donated but no soil was available. So instead in tribute I grew tomatoes, basil, and kale for the community with the little I had. I also started filling the space with MôS collective activities to inspire passers by. I hung art and permaculture costumes. By the end of May, I had accumulated the entire 10 years of the LoBSter MoBster Pedagogy.

How do we activate these incredible resources and educational materials that are in the space? It’s full of everything we need now to turn this spaceship earth around by learning the Leo s of biology, pollution remediation, and the restoration of nature and ourselves within the new systems to replace the old.

Let's get this pathway to betterment out there. Doing it requires community, face-to-face interaction. Let’s adapt it and see what happens. 

We are now doing this during unimaginable difficulties but we can use this time to teach valuable skills. We want to bring people out from hiding for a quick minute outside in the wind with masks on, then go home to connect with the community further.  The locals are invited, along with prestigious guests to share ideas and stories which builds the world we want to see.


Director: 3k.  20 hrs/wk

Assistant 2k.  20 hrs/wk. 

volunteers and coordinator : evcc

Live show Tech: $1800 

Web integrations  $1800

Editing $1800

Social Graphics $1800

Teaching stipends:  $3k 60 guest or community presentations (2-3 a day - one for kids) approx $50 per

Supplies $800 ink/printing/transp/drinks/tangerines

There will be interactive homework. Online assignments to build, make collaborate organize Over the Fall and winter will be more at home.

The funds raised will cover the director, assistant, talented artists, tech, editing, web, animation, graphics, prepping safe food & drinks, for social media ongoing as IOBY fuels this resource 

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $858
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
TOTAL TO RAISE = $17,168.46
Donation processing fees apply to donations only. 100% of match funding goes to projects. Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised and amount of match funding applied to this campaign.  


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