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PLAY is an innovative collaboration between Petaluma Health Center (PHC) and Petaluma Bounty (PB) that provides families with nutrition, farm-based education, cooking demonstrations, as well as eight weekly Bounty Boxes full of fresh vegetables and fruits. The purpose of the PLAY Program is to provide families with the tools, information, motivation, food and support to make lasting healthy lifestyle changes related to participants’ food choices and physical activity level. The Bounty Farm is a crucial component of the PLAY Program as it impacts participants’ attitudes toward healthy food and choices as well as increases their willingness to try new foods.

the steps

Young patients with diet-related illness are referred to PLAY by their physicians. Families attend eight weekly PLAY sessions starting 6/6/13-six at Petaluma Health Center and two at Petaluma Bounty. They receive eight weekly boxes of produce from the Bounty Farm for each week they attend. Upon completion, PLAY participants are connected to a network of support including CalFresh, community gardens and other resources so they can continue their new healthy behaviors. A pre and post survey are conducted and reunions are scheduled to collect and analyze data so program administrators can continue to improve PLAY. Petaluma Bounty seeks to conduct three sessions of PLAY with the last session finishing by 11/15/13.

why we're doing it

Petaluma Bounty's mission is healthy food for everyone through collaboration, education, and promoting self-reliance. This collaboration with Petaluma Health Center allows us to reach low-income families whose children are facing obesity. Participants of PLAY are facing food insecurity and other poverty-related burdens. Statistically speaking, without a drastic lifestyle change, these children are likely facing a lifetime of chronic disease and obesity, which will make it even more difficult to break out of the cycle of poverty and poor health. 


The cost of one family in the PLAY Program is $280 for growing the produce, distribution, and farm education.

Total number of families in 2013 PLAY Program is 90, so the total cost is $25,200.

We have committed funding for $10,000 and grant applications out  for $9,800. That means, we are seeking another $5,400 from the community.

One grant for $5,000 of the $10,000 already committed is a challenge grant that requires community contribution. The Sponsor-A-Box initiative is crucial to demonstrate community support for the PLAY Program. Additional funding (beyond the $25,000) will allow us to expand the number of participants and take the program year-round.

SUBTOTAL = $5,400
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $162


RAISED = $831
ioby Platform Fee  waived
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $24



Thank you!

Update from the first 3 weeks!

We are three weeks into the first session of PLAY participants and it's a hit! I've included a Bountiful Bites newsletter to share what the families are able to take home with them. Each week the curriculum and the fresh produce in the bags change. Soon with this heat, families will be taking home cherry tomatoes and other hot crops! We are so grateful to the folks who have donated as they are helping to get healthy food to those in our community who need it the most!

This afternoon, we will host another PLAY group at the farm. This is one of our favorite days, with activities for the children, a tour for all, and of course fun and games! Below are some pictures of a recent visit.




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