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the project

Plastic bags are a huge source of waste and are constantly used and thrown into landfills. This project will promote the reuse and recycling of plastic bags in central locations throughout the New School campus. The dropoff points promote collaborative consumption through a give-and-take system, in which participants can drop off bags as well as take bags if needed. At the end of each month, the remaining bags will be taken to recycling stations by volunteers.

The project will be maintained by student volunteers, and recycling will take place at the end of each month. The environmentally friendly containers will be located at each floor of campus buildings. By allowing the dropoff to also be a place to acquire bags, the project will encourage reuse. 

Do you know how many bags you have? Help us out-- keep plastic bags out of landfills.

the steps

1.) Use donations to advertise and secure environmentally-friendly containers
2.) Place containers in the lobbies of school buildings and dormitories
3.) Promote give-and-take policy, and empty containers each month
of remaining bags-- then reuse or recycle at the New School Facilities
4.) Volunteers are welcome!

why we're doing it

Plastic bags that end up in landfills/littered take a long time to decompose and present others dangers to the environment. Plastic bags that would otherwise end up in landfills and the streets or unused will be reused or recycled. Using lessnew bags will mean less production. Therefore, less bags will end up in landfills.


$34.50 per bin x10 =345.00
3% 3rd party credit card processing fee = $10.35
5% fiscal sponsorship = $17.25
Total Budget = 372.60


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