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the project

The Mercy Home “Plant-Grow-Give” program is about people with developmental disabilities utilizing their skills and resources to plant vegetable gardens in their own backyards, collect the harvest, and then donate that food to underserved families in their community living in shelters or frequenting food pantries for their meals.

What makes our program so unique and worthy of support is that the people doing the planting, growing, and giving are disabled adults who have historically been at the receiving end of donations. This is now an opportunity for the residents of Mercy Home to show their gratitude, generosity, and humanity to the people in their community who are in need as well.  By supporting us, you will also be supporting the less fortunate members of your community. Additionally Mercy Home promises to donate at least 90% of its harvest to food pantries and other charitable organizations.

the steps

A vegetable garden will be planted in the back yard of three residential properties. The individuals living in these residences will participate in learning how to plant items such as; tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, eggplant, and cucumbers etc. They will participate in preparing the ground/soil, and working in specially created planting boxes designed to assist those who are non-ambulatory. Participants will take care of the garden, watering, weeding, and pruning, with the assistance of our direct support professionals and community volunteers. When the time comes, the bounty will be harvested and delivered to the local soup kitchen or food pantry for distribution.

why we're doing it

Mercy Home believes in the dignity of all individuals regardless of their disabilities, challenges, or position in life. It is important for people with Developmental Disabilities to be a true part of their community by contributing, making an impact, and understanding the qualities of mercy.  By addressing hunger and misfortune, the residents of Mercy Home can work in partnership with their community. The Sisters of Mercy, the Staff of Mercy Home, and the challenged individuals they serve are aware of the growing lines of low income and elderly people who utilize the neighborhood soup kitchens and food pantries, and we see this as a chance to help.  For so many, access to fresh produce is expensive and it would be of enormous benefit if they could receive some nutritious local produce free of charge.


Supplies to build elevated planting boxes (for those in wheelchairs) and gardening space $500.00 Top Soil $700.00 Shovels (4 @ $30.00 ea.) $120.00 Weeding Hoe (4 @ $16.00 ea.) $64.00 Regular Hoe (4 @ 15.00 ea.) $60.00 Rake (4 @ $20.00 ea.) $80.00 Hand Tools (4 @ $10.00 ea.) $40.00 100 ft Watering Hose $50.00 Garden Sprinklers (2 @ $15.00 ea.) $30.00 Hose Spray Head $10.00 Vegetable Plants $300.00 Fertilizer (6 bags @ $15.00 ea.) $90.00 TOTAL NEED: $2,044.00 third party credit card processing fee (3%)= $61 ioby materials and labor fee= $35 total to fundraise= $2140


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