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the project

We are working to create a space where the Chattahoochee Valley can come together to celebrate art. Art is an important way to create bonding within our community and we strive to be the relentless force behind supporting local art and artists. The Phenix City Artpark will be a place where artistic talent is allowed to flourish and our community can experience art in fun and unique ways. The Phenix City Artpark will be the first outdoor gallery playplace of its kind in the area, and we hope it will help generate economic growth in our Riverfront District.

the steps

The Phenix City Artpark will have a variety of fun interactive art installations. We plan to commision local artists to help us create installations as well as interesting seating, play ground equipment, adult swings and more. With raised funds, we want to create an enviroment where artists can flourish and the community can come together to celebrate art. We will have festivals on the gorunds that will incorporate all types of art to include visual art, music, poetry, theater, and more! 

why we're doing it

SPARK Art is a local Columbus, GA non-profit that is the relentless force that ignites a passion for art within the community. We strive to change the appreciation of art within our area so that our talented local artists are able to make a living here and call the Chattahoochee Valley area their home. We strive to make a difference in our community by taking art to where it is needed most. We visit nursing homes, after school programs, summer camps, and a variety of events throughout our community. To date, we have attended over 175 different programs and events to help make art available for everyone at no cost to them. We also have several community projects where we inspire spreading kindness through art. We are most known for our 2017 community project “Columbus GA Rocks” where over 24,000 people from our area painted and hid rocks throughout town in hopes of brightening a stranger’s day. Our other community projects are the Miniature Art Project which is a gumball style art dispenser, and Free Art Fridays with SPARK Art, where local artists hide pieces of art on Fridays as part of the global movement Free Art Fridays.

In collaboration with TROY University, 2WR, Positively Phenix City, Uptown Columbus, The Columbus Museum, and Artbeat of Columbus, SPARK Art is working on our next big project, The Phenix City Artpark. We are on a mission to expose the community to art, and in doing so, help make art available for everyone. It is our mission to get local artists paid for their work so we may retain our local talent instead of losing them to bigger markets. The Artpark is a way to expose people in Phenix City and surrounding areas to a one-of-a-kind outside art gallery.  This will be a park that is able to change with time and local taste. The Artpark will be a place where members of the community can not only experience art but help create it through events held within the park.

W.C Bradley has donated the triangle-shaped piece of land between the 13th Street Bridge and Pedestrian Bridge for use over the next 5 years to create a one-of-a-kind art environment. We plan to utilize this opportunity to celebrate the Phenix City Riverwalk by creating an active green space and an Artpark linear to the Riverwalk. We strive to expose the community to an exciting and interactive space that will house interesting sculptures, interactive installations, unique seating, playful swings, art festivals, and more.

This project is well on its way to becoming a destination to bridge the gap between our Chattahoochee Valley Tri-city area. Thanks to Artbeat of Columbus, Brasfield & Gorrie, and Uptown Columbus, we have already installed 2 sculptures within the Artpark! We also have our first interactive installation thanks to Phenix City Elementary and SPARK Art. Every student at PCES can take pride in the fact that they helped establish The Phenix City Elementary Painted Rock Garden, which adds a fun interactive element to the Artpark. Our community can interact with our take one, leave one painted rock garden anytime by simply walking the Phenix City Riverwalk between the 13th Street Bridge and Pedestrian Bridge and trading rocks within the garden. We need help with additional funding to do more in the park!

Thanks to our partnership with Positively Phenix City, we have used a portion of the land to establish a food truck park. Every Thursday and Friday from 11-2, you can stop by and grab lunch from one of our 5 local food trucks. Then, every first Friday of the month we host a fun festival that offers great food, live music, and fun art activities. With the food truck park, we are able to activity use the space to generate community bonding, fellowship, and economic growth.


Art Installations- $2000

Swings- $2000

Landscaping- $500

Lumber and building supplies- $500


SUBTOTAL = 5,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $150



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