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the project

North Side Partnership Project want our Senior neighbors to feel secure with personal essentials, such as, hygiene products, soap, deodorant, feminine products, disposable underwear, lotions and first aid kits, etc. We would also want to provide household essentials such as, bleach, detergent, disinfection cleaners, garbage bags, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. Our volunteers will go to the surrounding high rises monthly and on an as needed basis to distribute personal and household goods door to door.

the steps

Our team will begin November 15, 2020 and continue through April 2021

why we're doing it

To keep our Seniors safe during the Pandemic.

Most Seniors have underlying conditions that make them more assessable to COVID 19 and the flu. Therefore, they can stay safe in their homes and have the essentials they need to get through the winter months 


Essentials: personal and households 

6 months for approximately 500 seniors           $10.000

Bags for distributions:                                       $  2,000

            TOTAL                                                              $ 12,000      


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TOTAL TO RAISE = $12,318
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