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the project

Pittsburgh Archery supports one recreation project, which is converting abandoned  basketball and tennis courts owned by the city to a practice archery range with 9 lanes.   The land is composed of steep hillsides not usable for most recreation. The hillsides are a natural berm for an archery range.

The driving force for the project is from the senior citizens, who lost their archery class in 2020. The classes were conducted in temporary ranges set up in gyms with limited access. There are no permanent practice ranges in the City of Pittsburgh. With Covid-19 all temporary ranges were discontinued. An outdoor permanent and public archery range in the City of Pittsburgh will provide all residents with access to an outdoor archery range.

the steps

  1. Get the approval and support letter as promised by the City of Pittsburgh
  2. Finish clearing the area of dead trees, brush and debris.
  3. Contacted the Pennsylvania Game Commission to provide designs for a range.
  4. Contract for a small parking lot  and ramp to the range. Specs Must meet Pittsburgh approval
  5. Build the target stands.  
  6. Layout the Lanes and place targets and gear..
  7. Contract for benches and tables purchase and delivery.
  8. Obtain range insurance
  9. Opening day Sept 1 2021

why we're doing it

With Covid-19 all temporary ranges were discontinued by the Pittsburgh's parks and Recreation.. An outdoor permanent and public archery range in the City of Pittsburgh will give all residents access to an outdoor activity. The range is near a T rail stop. Thus an automobile is not requied to access the range. Although Walking and jogging are excellant exercises, they do not provide upper body excercise. Especiallly for seniors, achery provides upper body exercise with less injuries than lifting weights.

In addition the range provides great recreational experience while simultaneously helping young athletes develop skills that will benefit them throughout their lives, such as work ethic, focus, patience, integrity, self-confidence, control, and teaches the importance of safety.

Archery ranks as one of the safest activities offered in any organized group setting. Especially impressive is the fact that archery maintains a consistently high safety record despite the fact that participants range from grade-school children to senior citizens, many of whom have never before picked up a bow and arrow. Sports like soccer, baseball and basketball have injury rates much greater than archery.  Golf and fishing have lower injury rates but not lower than Archery. 


  1. Land preparation dead tree, brush removal                   $1500
  2. Parking lot, ADA accessible ramp to the range(600sq ft) $5500
  3. 3 Picnic tables 8 ft ADA($700/ ea)                               $2100
  4. 2 benches 8 ft.($630/ea)                                             $1260
  5. Storage shed                                                             $ 530
  6. Trash receptacle                                                         $1118
  7. 9 Targets w tilt proof base($210/ea)                              $1890
  8. 9 Unmarked Yard Spots($33/ea)                                  $ 297
  9. 9 Ground quivers($19/ea                                             $ 169
  10. Bow racks                                                                 $ 367
  11. Safety netting and poles                                             $ 410
  12. Range and rule signs                                                 $  80
  13. insurance ($ 57/mo.)                                                  $ 684
  14. Equipment& Target maintenance                                 $ 500
  15. General facilities maintenance                                     $ 500

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $642
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
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