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1208 Surf Avenue
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the project

The Perils of Plastics project raise awareness, creates involvement, and provides avenues for taking action. Through hands on environmental clean up and plastic reclamation from businesses and community members, this project repurposes plastics to create a simulation of a plastic trash patch under which a performance spectacle will take place as part of the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, the first ever environmentally themed contingent in the 41 year history of the parade. An informational panel on the perils of plastics will also be given as part of the overall project at the Greenpoint Library. The public is invited to join us and participate in each phase of this project:

  • Clean up and gathering of plastics
  • Educational panel
  • Art Build
  • Performance Spectacle

As an organization that has worked intersectionality in arts, environmental advocacy and civic action for over a decade, and produced large scale outdoor events, Artichoke Dance Company is uniquely positioned to bring these interests together to collaborate in making an impact on multiple levels. For this project we join forces with the New York City chapter of Surfrider Foundation and 350Brooklyn.

the steps

April: Recruitment and design. Get the word out!

May: Clean up and materials gathering. Get the word out!

June: Art build. Spectacle occurs.

July: Project video edited and distributed. Advocacy evaluated.

why we're doing it

Plastic pollution in the environment and the harms it causes to human and animal well-being are well documented. The rate of recycling plastics is 8-12%, most plastics we think get recycled are put in a landfill or litter the environment. The perils of plastics is acknowledged by the United Nations through the creation of a Global Plastics Treaty, nationally through the proposed Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act, and in New York State through proposed Packaging Reduction and Recycling Infrastructure Act. All three provide avenues for political action by our participants and audiences to support larger change in society. We embed opportunities to support these initiatives at our events, providing an easy way for participants and audiences to become activists. 

Artichoke Dance Company works in collaboration with other organizations and with artists and communities to achieve broad participation and greater results. Join forces with us for the Perils of Plastics project to make an impact on plastic pollution locally and globally. 


Artists/Performers: $3700

Permits and Fees: $1275

Supplies: $850

Administration and Documentation: $1675


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