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the project

Single mothers and domestic violence victims do not have enough support from the government. Many of the women we have already served have young children, language, and job experience barriers, due to which they cannot go to work and support themselves and their kids. Some of the single mothers and domestic abuse victims are temporarily living in shelters and struggling to figure out how to improve their situations and start their own lives. Most of the domestic violence victims we serve are still in abusive situations in their own homes and have no options to change or remove themselves from the dangerous situations because of language barriers, lack of work skills, lack of financial support, and lack of childcare support.

With the money raised, we hope to provide some relief to these women and their children and try to make life a little bit easier for them.

the steps

From June to August 2021 we will support these women with bimonthly distributions of:

  • Groceries (staples, fruit, vegetables, meats, and dairy products)
  • Essential items (OTC medicines, baby formula, paper towels, toilet papers, etc.)
  • Childcare items (diapers, wet wipes, toys, clothes)

In August we will distribute the school supplies (bookbags, pencils, books, etc.) for the upcoming school year. 

These items will be purchased with the money raised and packed and distributed by our team of volunteers.

why we're doing it

The majority of the single mothers and domestic abuse victims we serve in our community are South Asian women. In South Asian culture, patriarchy dominates society, culture, and families. In their home countries, women's human rights are violated and when they arrive in this country they are unaware of their rights and become trapped in abusive relationships by their husbands with little to no support to help themselves. Very few women are allowed to receive an education and many factors inhibit their ability to improve their safety and environments. Most of these women have only been housewives, have never worked and gotten job training or experience. The language barrier also contributes to the lack of agency and control the victims have over their own situations and to understand their rights and to ask for help. With the responsibility of caring for their young children, the single mothers and domestic abuse victims too often do not know what they can do to remove themselves from their dangerous situations.


Original Budget:

Food - $8000

Clothes & Toys - $2000

School supplies - $2000

Essential items - $1000

Childcare items - $1000

Personal Hygiene items - $1000

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