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the project

For The People -Pioneers of American Street Culture- is a project designed to celebrate, award, meet, and learn from the pioneers of the American street culture. We're working to bring the pioneers of American Street culture with a skew towards Hip Hop's earliest element graffiti being center stage and talk with the pioneers of this movement about their experiences in breaking ground on their respective portions of the culture. What it is, where it came from, what they learned from it, how it changed their landscape and impacted their communities and the communities around the world. 

Sacramento has a rapidly changing and growing mural and graffiti scene, we're pushing for this event to be one that educates the general public, the youth, and involves city leaders about the history of graffiti culture while allowing them to know what other cities have done in response to this art form as it began in the '60's and hopefully avoid pitfalls that those cities have fallen into. The general public acknowledges that graffiti and murals are essential to their identification as well a valid art form, some of the artists attending have had pieces sell for tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Traditionally there has been a disconnect between the culture and the government. We aim to see if we can find a common ground and open a conversation that will hopefully allow for Sacramento to be great stuarts of this coveted art form as well as grow with the culture as it evolves here and help produce a thriving art scene and support for the culture.      

the steps

Promotion of the event, flyers, web  

Paying the artists. 

Purchasing materials for the artists

Renting venue for performances and talks. 

Traveling expenses for respective artists, setting specific accommodations, hotels, car rentals.







why we're doing it

Graffiti For Good loves art and the representation of the people in public spaces. We aim to curate those spaces that allow it's community to change them and represent themselves. The event For the People- Pioneers of American Street Culture- has the potential to empower the residence of Sacramento to create art in their area by knowing more about the history and where public art has been, and where it is going in the future. We care very much about communities representing themselves on the spaces they inhabit, meeting and learning from the artists that began the modern movement of graffiti and street art in other cities will help in the ability to know where it is going from where it began and how Sacramento can be part in the next chapters of this worldwide revolution of street culture.  


Artist accommodations (15 artists)

Flights - $22,500

Hotels- $13,500 

Artist stipends $15,000

Materials- paints / boards / awards  $3,200

Venue compensation - $3,200

Stage rentals - $2,200 

Permits/ traffic blockade 1.1 miles Del Paso Boulevard $6,000


ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $3,506
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
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