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the project

The Pennsylvania Solar Center is a premier one-stop statewide solar resource that guides small commercial and non-profit entities towards meaningful energy independence and connects communities to trusted resources that champion clean energy choices.

The PA Solar Center, a project of our fiscal sponsor The New Sun Rising, exists to maximize the number of people, businesses, and organizations who have access and can experience the benefits of solar energy in Pennsylvania. We provide unbiased information, general technical guidance, financing, and public policy advocacy in an effort to transform Pennsylvania into a leading solar state.

As a nonprofit focused on serving as broker and trusted advisor for those considering solar energy, the PA Solar Center links interested parties to a diverse network of support, transforming the state’s clean energy landscape and increasing the sales pipeline of new customers seeking to pursue solar, providing a clear economic benefit to solar developers.

To best achieve these main objectives, the PA Solar Center offers a three pronged, programmatic approach to effectively achieve its mission of increasing solar throughout the state:

  • Direct high-level technical assistance to tax-exempt organizations and small businesses, guiding them through the early stages of the solar procurement process and connecting them with trusted professionals and investors
  • Hub of information and online resources for those seeking to power their business, house of worship, community organization, home, etc. with solar power. Key components include a qualified solar contractor directory, completed solar installation project map, solar jobs board, documentation detailing best practices for municipalities, a clearinghouse of solar initiatives across the state, monthly newsletters, webinars.
  • Policy and advocacy network that unifies the voices of large-scale and residential solar owners, businesses, and other stakeholders across the state to facilitate communication with decision-makers for robust solar policy on the state, regional, and local level.


the steps

The Pennsylvania Solar Center fundraising campaign will complete the staffing needs of the center and enable the organization to:

  • Start monthly newsletters to solar supporters, legislators, businesses and citizens throughout the Commonwealth that will highltight new solar project developments, solar policy and action alerts, and solar-related intitiative and activities across Pennsylvania.
  • Assist additional non-profit organizations to go solar through our innovative G.E.T. Solar initiiative
  • Purchase advanced solar design software to complete solar feasibility and initial evaluations to get projects "shovel-ready" for solar developers and financiers and move projects through the solar decision pipeline quicker

why we're doing it

The Pennsylvania Solar Center is a unique organization with a statewide reach, providing valuable expertise in a market that lacks unbiased access to information – a major obstacle to new technology adoption rates. Many states have clean energy resource hubs, but Pennsylvania does not - until now! 

Solar energy is the fastest growing energy in the country, but Pennsylvania is falling far behind because of lack of education about the benefits of solar energy and also due to outdated solar policies. With climate change growing as a major environmental and economic threat, our citizens, organizations, faith communties, universities, muncipalities and businesses are eager to expand clean energy resources.

After more than four years in the conception stage and with support from our fiscal sponor, The New Sun Rising, and some funding under our belt from the Hillman Foundation and the West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund, we are beyond excited to launch the Pennsylavnia Solar Center.

You can be a part of this dynamic initiative to make Pennsylvania a key solar state!

Find our new website soon at and now on Facebook and Twitter at @pasolarcenter. 



Disbursed budget (3.15.21):

$500 - supports our GET Solar program and new Solar Booster Club that will assist non-profits through the solar discovery process

$250 - helps us pay for one month rent at our desk space in our co-working office at the Energy Innovation Center in Pittsburgh

$123 - will assist with our web maintenance and constituent database

$97 – 10% fee from our fiscal sponsor The New Sun Rising

TOTAL RAISED = $1,000.00
ioby Platform Fee N/A
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $30.00

Original budget:

Staff - $15,000 

Communications - $3,000

Website maintenance - $2,000



PROJECT FUNDING NEEDED =$20,000ioby Platform Fee$35ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)$620TOTAL TO RAISE =




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