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the project

Stress and anxiety are a large part of growing up in poverty. Their influence is detrimental to the health and development of children who don’t receive the support of caring adults. The His Place/Bright Life Peace Room Project draws from research on child development to create a space where children at His Place can constructively navigate the stress, conflict, and difficult emotions that are often a part of their lives.


Resources provided in the Peace Room include:

• A reading station with books that encourage social-emotional learning

• Art supplies to encourage healthy expression of thoughts and feelings

• A sensory station with materials such as kinetic sand, play-doh, and bubble wrap

• Conflict management resources centered on the 4 R’s of: recognition, responsibility, reconciliation and resolution

• Evidence-based strategies for stress reduction and anger management

…and much more!


The Peace Room Project is funded by One North Side, thanks to the Buhl Foundation and the Sprout Fund, and by generous donors like you! 

the steps

Phase 1: Complete renovation of the Peace Room at His Place


Phase 2: Train children and volunteers at His Place to skillfully use the Peace Room for stress reduction and conflict management, as well as social-emotional learning. 

why we're doing it

As Sandra Aamodt, PhD, and Sam Wang, PhD, note in Welcome to Your Child’s Brain: “Poverty is stressful due to a combination of economic insecurity (inadequate living conditions, frequent moves), disorganized households and harsh parenting (common side effects of parental stress or addiction), and social subordination (being treated as inferior because of social class and/or race). Heightened fear and anxiety can result from living in high-crime neighborhood, food insecurity, and parental mistreatment (again more common when parents are stressed).” When children are exposed to constant stressors without the support and guidance of caring adults, structural changes occur in their developing brains, including the hippocampus, amygdala, and prefrontal cortex. 



RAISED = $4,646.00
ioby Platform Fee (to be paid for by the Sprout Fund) $35.00
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) (to be paid for by the Sprout Fund) $134.30
  •  Paint and painting supplies: $175
  •  Carpet and carpet installation: $575
  •  Desks, chairs, shelving, storage crates, etc.: $700
  • Decor (including window blinds), plants, posters, etc.: $200
  • Supplies (e.g., sensory items, art supplies, MP3 player and speakers): $150
  • Books (for the children and for training the volunteers): $150
  • Phase 2 (training for the children and the volunteers): $850
  • "Keep Calm and Spread Peace" t-shirt costs (to spread the word about our program and the Peace Room project): $700
  • Remaining funds to provide additional social-emotional support for children throughout the school year during our after-school programming: $1,146


SUBTOTAL = $2,600
ioby Platform Fee (to be paid for by the Sprout Fund) $35
Payment Processing Fee of 3% (to be paid for by the Sprout Fund) $78

Paint and Painting Supplies (e.g., rollers): $150

Carpet and Carpet Installation: $500

Desks, Chairs, Shelving, Storage Crates, etc..: $700

Decor (including window blinds), Plants, Posters, etc.: $200

Supplies (e.g., sensory items, art supplies, MP3 player and speakers): $100

Books (for children and for volunteer training): $100

Phase 2 (training for children and volunteers): $850



SUBTOTAL = $1,300
ioby Platform Fee  (to be paid for by the Sprout Fund) $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee of 3% (to be paid for by the Sprout Fund) $39

1) Paint, $60

2) Carpet, $200

3) Desks, Chairs, Shelves, etc., $660

4) Decor, Plants, etc., $90

5) Supplies, $290


Thank You!

His Place and Bright Life would like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who donated to and promoted our Peace Room Project! Because of everyone's generous support and contributions (including funds from the Sprout Fund!), we not only met our initial fundraising goal, but raised 3.5 times as much as we planned! This allowed us to ensure we were getting quality materials for the room, and will give us the opportunity to have additional funds to provide continuous support for children in our programs.

Thanks again for helping us make a huge difference in the lives of all our His Place kids. :)


PS - Be sure to follow us on Facebook ( for continued updates on the Peace Room project and our after-school programming.

Peace Room Renovation Begins!

On Saturday, August 29, Discovery Christian Church helped us renovate our Peace Room and get the building ready for the after-school program. We're so excited about all of the progress we've made to provide the best space for our His Place kids.


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