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the project

As Peace House, Ypsi approaches our second year we are looking to broaden our base of financial support -- a community house that is community supported. To help us in our mission, we will be growing our capacity in several of the following areas. 

We will provided bus tokens for both the warming center and Peace House. These are vital to provide transportation to our guests. We are also purchasing $5 and $10 gift cards for gas. Peace House, Ypsi provides rides to nearly 100 people each month: rides home(less) from events here at the house, rides to work or court, etc. Gas cards will be offered to volunteers to make some of these runs. Finally, and most importantly, guests frequently ask for them. This is especially vital for folks sleeping in cars when it is cold. 

We would also like to expand our first aid needs, including purchasing first aid kit items for the house and warming center, making small first aid kits to give to guests, and ensuring that Peace House and warming center staff are certified in CPR/First Aid.

Finally, we'd like to launch a mico-loan/scholarship program for our guests to be able to purchase items such as new job uniforms, steel toe boots, bikes, and other cheap forms of transportation. 

the steps

Open hours have been an important part of what we have done since our birth, with over 150 people coming every month during these drop in hours to shower, do laundry, have a bite to eat and be in community. Of course Sunday Brunch is by far the busiest of these drop in hours with anywhere from 15 - 45 people each week to eat pancakes, waffles, french toast or crepes, scrambled eggs, breakfast meats and gallons of coffee all cooked up fresh and served family style. On any given Sunday guests take turns with Peace House residents and other volunteers to scramble eggs, flip pancakes, push through laundry, and do the mountains of dishes.  The living room is full of conversations and laughter you might hear at a family reunion and weather permitting we spill into the backyard and the “Peace House cafe” (small tables in the front yard.). 

Overnight respite for those otherwise sleeping in tents, parking structures and church doorways also continues to be a key part of our lives. Almost every night both bedrooms are full with those seeking refuge and often our couches are full as well. As I type this our youngest guest (just one week old) has fallen asleep on the chest of another regular guest, himself asleep after feeding her a bottle. Her mom is nearby enjoying a break and a book while her older brother (4 years old)  plays blocks with another woman who is staying here for a few nights. 

We have bridged several guests to treatment for substance use disorder, provided a landing pad for those coming out of jail or treatment, created a safe space to heal after hospitalization or when sick and given so many of our friends a few nights away from their tents, sidewalks and doorways.  

This campaign will allow us to continue to provide these and more essential services.

why we're doing it

Peace House Ypsi is a house of hospitality in the tradition of Dorothy Day, Peter Maurin and the Catholic Worker movement.  Our mission is simply to love.  By providing hospitality, nonviolently resisting injustice and living in solidarity with those on the margins we are building the world we envision by living it. ​ A world where, in the words of Peter Maurin “it is easier to be good.”   

We provide short term overnight respite to those experiencing homelessness. Guests can stay one night to a week.

We provide long term hospitality to bridge guests to a better situation; that may be a bridge from sleeping outside to the purchase of a tent or vehicle, or a space for someone who has secured housing after homelessness and is waiting on the availability of the new home.

During Open hours guests can shower, do laundry, get a snack or a meal, and be in community. In creating the space for this we foster “peer mentoring” where those who have navigated the systems to access services can assist others in doing so. We provide resources and information in how to go about accessing services.

“Be a good neighbor” is an important house expectation to that end we have a “little free library” and are working to create a community garden and a tool lending library open to both guests and neighbors. We offer the opportunity for folks often on the receiving end to “give back” through community service projects, work days and volunteer opportunities.

We are working on a micro-loan program geared toward helping individuals gain the tools and resources to get back on their feet. Work boots and uniforms, the cost of taking the GED, and car repairs are a few of the examples of things that might be cost prohibitive for our friends and guests.  Creating ways to make these tools accessible can support folks in moving forward.

We provide support for those caught up in the criminal justice system and their families (birth and chosen) and friends. 

We offer educational and cultural events especially highlighting health and wellness. Including a weekly women's night focused on support among women as well as health, wellness and self care. 


Disbursed Budget:

23 sets of 30 bus tokens at $45 each = $1000

5 gas gift cards at $10 each = $500

CPR/First Aid training for 4 people at $100 each = $400

4 first aid kits at $25 each = $100

One micro loan (ie. bus pass for transportation to a new job, clothing for a
job interview or uniform, work boots, etc.) = $1000

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $93.90
*TOTAL TO RAISE = $3,130*

TOTAL RAISED = $3,130.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $93.90

Original Budget:

23 sets of 30 bus tokens at $45 each = $1000

10 gas gift cards at $10 each = $1000

CPR/First Aid training for 4 people at $100 each = $400

4 first aid kits at $25 each = $100

One micro loan (ie. bus pas for transportation to a new job, clothing for a job interview or uniform, work boots, etc.) = $1000

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $109
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $3,644​


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