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429 North Street
(Downtown Pittsfield)
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Enter to win a balance bike - a great gift for a kid in your life!

the project

The Pittsfield Community Design Center strives to be an accessible resource for people who want to make small but meaningful changes in Pittsfield. Small, everyday things that could make life a little brighter, easier or more joyful for those who call the city home. Somewhere to sit while waiting for the bus, a bulletin board to share news and events organically, or a planter to liven up a street corner or pocket park. With a planning and workshop space, PCDC can bring out creativity, pride, and ownership of our streets.

Our vision of activating and placemaking will require physical creations made from everyday materials that are cost-effective, but will require dedicated tools and a workspace to make them look good and last long. A workbench, wood working tools, transport vessels and other supplies will make up our burgeoning workspace, with hopes of expansion into a community makerspace.

the steps

  1. Acquire/fabricate workbench materials and install at the 429 North Street Design Center (January-February 2024)
  2. Choose initial pilot projects based on participant input that could include the following: (February 2024)
    - Bus stop bench
    - Mobile planter,
    - Sandwich board signs,
    - Oversize board and lawn games,
    - Fold-up, portable community dining table,
    - Adirondack chairs,
    - Portable ping-pong/foosball tables,
    - Community bulletin board,
    - Mini-golf holes
  3. Draft designs and procure materials to build (February-March 2024)
  4. Unveil and test the first prototypes! (April 2024)
  5. Bring projects to community events like First Fridays, Third Thursdays, Farmers Markets, or start our own (Spring-Summer 2024)

why we're doing it

Bringing small bits of joy, whimsy, and human touches to a neighborhood shows that there are people here who believe in its inherent value and new potential. Pursuing PCDC's core goal of activating our public spaces (i.e. bringing more foot traffic, activities, spontaneity, and meetings) requires having tools to activate them with. We want people to know that downtown Pittsfield and its core neighborhoods are inviting to walk to, linger, commune, and treat as an extension of your own front yard.

Our community-building is well underway with successful pop-up activities over the past year, including a community movie night, social bike rides, a Day of Remembrance walk, and a periodic newsletter to further grow community outreach.


  • Work bench area and build-out: $200
  • Chop saw: $500
  • Table saw: $350
  • Lumber and paint: $200
  • Safety equipment: $200
  • Lawn furniture and games: $200
  • Storage/transport containers: $100
  • Printer: $300
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ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $80.96
TOTAL TO RAISE $2,023.96
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Enter to win a balance bike - a great gift for a kid in your life!

We're pleased to share that any donation above $5 will enter you into a drawing for a brand new children's balance bike and helmet! And as a bonus, you'll also receive a top-tube 6-pack drink holder for a parent's bike. I'm calling it the Proud Bicycle Parent Prize Package. In all, the package is worth over $200. Be sure to provide your email address when you donate so you can be contacted!

A light blue children's balance bike with white tires and brown trim. 

The campaign is afoot!

With excitement (and a little trepidation) we are launching our first public fundraising campaign for the Pittsfield Community Design Center! In the wider world, $2000 might seem like next to nothing, but to me it's a treasure from other people who believe in our future and put their trust in us. Anything you can contribute will be greatly appreciated.

- Nick


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