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We're getting there!

the project

The garden at Barre City Elementary and Middle School is unfunded in the school budget. However, the citizens of Barre, the school staff and garden volunteers value the opportunity for students to experience raising a wide variety of produce which is served in the school cafeteria. To make that happen, many small donors have made financial contributions for operating costs.  But the project in front of us will require professional help and substatial funding.

Unfortunately, the garden is not easily accessible for students and staff that have mobility challenges. Our project will provide an even, smooth and safe surface for people who use wheelchairs, walkers, etc so that they may experience gardening with their classmates. The entry way will be paved and then branch off in two pathways. One paved path will lead to the accessible gardening beds and the other path will lead to our perennial flower beds.

the steps

The landscaping company Green-Scapes has already made two site visits to design the project and outline the specs.

They are eager to breakgound in late October of this year.

why we're doing it

This garden was founded in 1996 but fell dormant and neglected in 2006. In 2013, two parent volunteers asked for permission to revive the garden. The results are amazing and the students are delighted. Some students were missing, however, because it was too difficult to get them to the garden physically or because there was little that they could do when they arrived.

The student that you see in our pictures was asked to design a bed that would meet her needs. She requested the stabilizing rail on all four sides, a place to hang her tools and a height that would allow her to stand while she worked. These features also allow many other sudents to use these new beds. 

Our 7th and 8th grade students built this bed this spring. This addition to the garden is very exciting. There is still the one problem of sloping and rough turf around those new beds and throughout the garden.

This project makes the garden safer and more welcoming to our entire community. We have many elderly visitors that will greatly appreciate having level pathways in the garden!


The landscaping company Green-Scapes of Washington, VT will excavate a 200 sq foot area, level the area, fill with crushed stone and sand for a base and lay paving stone and reseed any damaged areas. The total project cost is 16,000.

SUBTOTAL = 16,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $800
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $480
TOTAL TO RAISE = $17,315

Disbursed Budget:

All the funds being raised (we are doing a coin drop, speaking at service

clubs, a door-to-door campaign and writing grants) will be held in the

Associated Funds Account for BCEMS at our district office. They can not be

spent until the total is raised. So far we have 1750, counting the IOBY

fund raiser.

RAISED = $550.00
less ioby Platform Fee  waived
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $26.19
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $16.02



We're getting there!

Even though this on-line portion of our fundraising has concluded, we reached the 2,000 mark today (a litle over)!

I was invited to speak with  both the Lion's Club and the Rotary  and both groups are very encouraging. This project is meaningful and necessary for our community and I know we will succeed! 


A small, beautiful envelope arrived at my home address this week, from Texas. It was a nice boost to our fundraising.  Please continue to share our project, it will only be on-line a few more days.

Your donation will help

Do not let that "goal" scare you, True, it is an expensive project and in addition to this on-line campaign there is a reach out portion to our local businesses and service clubs along with grant writing.

The on-line portion has been stuck for three days! Can we get some $10 or $15  help and push this page over $1,000?

Would any of you local folks be interested in helping with a coin drop?

Have you donated yet?

It was a Stacy and Stacie kind of day, two of the people who are very close to the accesibilty issue. Their donations are gratefully received!

I had a nice visit with Julia, our "cover girl", this evening. It has been a privilege to know her since infancy. She was delighted to do the photo shoot in the school garden.

The garden bed she designed is bing used to display our fall vegetables, come by and see it!

Please keep sharing, talking with your friends and intoducing to me to anyone that wants to hear more about the project.

Day two of being "live"

Guess where today's donations originated. Montpelier! It works to share the campaign outside our own community. Keep sharing and keep reminding people that the small donations are very welcome.

Pathways to Accessibility

We went live this afternoon! Prior to going live,we had already raised $950.00.

As you share thisessential project with your friends, remind them that we are hoping for a very large volume of small donations. One thousand donations of just $15.00 will get us very close to the goal.

I am still hoping for groundbreaking to occur in late October!

Thank you for sharing the site with your friends and please ask them to also share!


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


  • Michael Boutin
  • Nancy Benoit
  • Michael Dreiblatt
  • John & Janet P.
  • Natalie Kryger
  • Stacie Boltin
  • Stacy Anderson
  • Chris Pavek
  • Joan Javier-Duval
  • Sheryl, a community gardener
  • Anonymous
  • Sally Armstrong