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Friends of Asser Levy Park .
302 Sea Breeze Ave
(Coney Island)
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the project

There is a quote that’s attributed to Margaret Mead, a famous American Anthropologist, that states: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  This belief led us to create Friends of Asser Levy Park group, a small grassroots group of community residents of Coney Island, that strongly believe in working together to restore our local park, improve and enhance our community and leave the world a little better for future generations. We are committed to making our contribution in cleaning up and beautifying the park and making it a safe space for children and adults to enjoy. We are currently organizing dance fitness classes in the park, flower planting, soil composting and leaf raking events. At this time, we need funds to buy plants, trees and bulbs, hire instructors and educators to build a viable community program and energize the next generation of environmentalists.This would enable us to continue our mission of preserving our portion of Earth for generations to come.

the steps

Once sufficient funds are raised we will make the following steps:

  • Compose a calendar of events; advertising events to the public using EventBright and various social media platforms, distribute flyers and educational materials pertaining to the scheduled events.
  • Reach out to our partners to coordinate events as per calendar; purchase appropriate equipment for the classes and gardening events. 
  • Purchasing season appropriate and Department of Parks approved plants and bulbs. 
  • Organize volunteers and purchase gifts and prizes to commemorate active participants
  • Order business cards, banners and small souvenirs with organization logo imprints to make our group brand recognizable in the community.

why we're doing it

Asser Levy Park (former Seaside Park) is one of two major Coney Island parks. Our group's goal is to revive our park to its former health and restore its beauty with coastal resiliency plants. The past two years of COVID-19, quarantine further deteriorated environmental conditions of the park as the pandemic brought along limited financial and physical resources to the Park Department. From coastal flooding and fierce winds that were significantly heightened by hurricane Sandy in 2012, caused the lingering damages of trees and plants in the park to squander in the: flood zoned, polluted, and saltwater-absorbed sandy based soil. Our park desperately needs replacements of missing vegetation to improve and strengthen local green infrastructure. We would like to beautify the park by adding annuals and perennials while planting more diverse and native trees and evergreens in and around the park. We believe that planting indigenous trees, bushes, and flowers to our area will cascade a growth of healthy ecosystems and this proliferation will provide a chance for our park to grow into an educational coastal zone for the youth.


Submitted budget

  1. Gardening tools - $ 600
  2. Plants and bulbs - $ 1,000
  3. Outreach and promotional materials - $ 400
  4. Instructional fees and fitness class equipment - $2, 600
  5. Personal Protection Equipment and other miscellaneous items - $ 400


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