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Alison I
868 Patchen Ave
Brooklyn (Bed-Stuy)
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the project

Our community residents are coming together to create a garden and play area that would be a great educational and preservation tool. It would also provide a place for younger children to interact with their peers in a safe and protected environment. Having both a garden and play area is  a remarkable place to encourage and cultivate hands-on interactive, kinesthetic, multi-sensory environmental learning. The garden and play area would also create community unity, community integrity, better community health and community pride.

the steps

We have applied and are eagerly awaiting approved for full use of the space. We hope to have full approval for use is by June 2012.  Our goal is to have the space cleared of weeds and rubble cleared by July 2012 in anticipation for the Patchen Avenue Block Association's block party.

Our first step to meet this goal is to rent a small backhoe/bucket loader to clear the rubble and level the lot. Then building the ground up and creating a barrier between the contaminated dirt and the community by getting wood chip from the city.

why we're doing it

This project is addressing the following needs:

  • providing a safe and protected environment for children
  • a gathering and community space for neighbors
  • encouraging education and community building through events and gardening


Hi everyone, since the last clearing of the land I have had an influx of mice. I have called 311 to have the DOH put some traps on the lot but it seems as though it will take forever. Could everyone please call 311 and report the problem of rodents on the lot so they may treat it with urgency. This needs to be done before the land is disturbed again.


$650 for small backhoe/bucket loader:

  • $300 for the day
  • $175 for transportation each way

project total = $650
third party credit card processing fee (3%) = $19.50
fiscal sponsorship (5%) = $32.50

total to raise = $702


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  • Stephanie L.
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  • Alison I.
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  • Mary L.
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