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Parkside Avenue & Ocean Avenue
Brooklyn (Flatbush)
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What will the extra money go to?

the project

We are a diverse group of neighbors and businesses working to build a public plaza at the corner of Parkside and Ocean Avenues in Brooklyn. Where now there is only barren concrete, we hope to plant flowers, install benches, and host cultural events. We hope to recapture, for everyone who lives here, the plaza that sits at the center of our lives.

the steps

In the winter and spring of 2014-2015, working with the New York City Department of Transportation, we will install planters and benches on the plaza (and, we hope, umbrellas and movable chairs we well). As soon as DOT installs the plaza, we will fill the planters with soil and with both evergreen plants and seasonal flowers. By May 2015, the plaza should be in full bloom. Starting in the summer of 2015, we will organize regular arts and cultural events, representing all the communities in our diverse neighborhood.

why we're doing it

Thousands of commuters cross Parkside Plaza every day, on their way to work in the morning and on their way home at night. The plaza is how all of Flatbush reaches Prospect Park, and it is how our neighborhood in turn invites the crowds in Prospect Park to shop at our businesses and visit our homes. For decades, the plaza has been neglected, wind-swept, sun-burned ... a waste. This is our chance to make it green, make it beautiful--make it an honor to everyone who lives here.


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 4/15/15):

RAISED = 6645.00
ioby Platform Fee  35.00
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) 192.52

Disbursement Part 1: $4,000 to Neighborhood Plaza Partnership

-Remaining $2,417.48 will be disbursed under ioby's fiscal sponsorship and is subject to an additional 5% service fee of $115.12.

Disbursement Part 2: $2,302.36


Original budget of $5,000 was surpassed.

Below is the extended budget: 

Insurance $1,200.00
Maintenance (Labor) $2,800.00
Maintenance (Labor) -- amended $5,600.00
Maintenance (Supplies) $500.00
Trees, Plants and Flowers $2,000.00
Promotional Materials $500.00
TOTAL COST: $9,800.00


SUBTOTAL = $9,800
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $294
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,129




What will the extra money go to?

It's October 21, and barely two weeks after going public with the campaign, we reached our initial fundraising goal!

Because of how deep and how wide the support for our fundraiser is running, we've decided to try to raise a bit more. We know there are neighbors who still want to give, and we know there are businesses who still want to contribute. So we've decided to keep the fundraiser open through Thanksgiving, and to try to raise a further $5000.

What will the extra money go to? Well, our original budget was very austere. We were going to try to maintain a plaza on about one-third the money that comparable plazas spend elsewhere in the city. For example, we planned to limit our selection of plants for the plaza to species we knew we could get for free … which we knew would mean smaller trees and fewer flowers. And we planned to end the summer of 2015 with nothing at all in the bank … even though we know our maintenance costs won't disappear come autumn.

We know this new goal is ambitious, but we're confident we can make it. (And even if we fall short, rest assured that you'll see a plaza next spring.) In the meantime, how can you help? Mention it to your next-door neighbors, mention it to your dog-walking pals. Mention it to the guy who cuts your hair, or to the woman who runs your favorite store. Post it on Facebook and say, "Hey, check out the amazing thing that I'm helping build!" And thank you for all of your help!


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