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the project

Palisades Charter High School's EAST class wants to decrease the amount of waste accumulated in landfills and burned in incinerators and the cost of waste disposal by organizing a school-wide composting program. Labeled collection bins will be placed throughout the campus to urge students and faculty to think greenly and dispose of their waste properly. The bins will be periodically sorted through and added to our school compost bins by dedicated students. The nutrient-rich soil created from the compost will then be used by the EAST class for planting projects and by Pali's maintenance crew. Along the way opportunities will be found to educate the student body about composting.

the steps

Once we have the money, we will purchase materials such as plastic bins for collecting compostable material, gardening gloves, and signage to educate students and faculty about what can and cannot be composted.

why we're doing it

In line with Los Angeles' Zero Waste Plan, the EAST class is mainly concerned about the amount of trash sent to incinerators, which releases toxic chemicals and results in the increased output of greenhouse gases, and dumped into landfills, which releases greenhouse gases and leaches toxic, liquid waste into the soil and groundwater. In addition, the students would like to lower the school's cost of waste disposal so that that money can be utilized by other programs. 


(4 pairs) gardening gloves $15.00
(15) buckets/bins $75.00
signage $180.00


ioby Platform Fee  waived
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) $8


Disbursement budget (as of 3/4/15):

RAISED = $330.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3% of non-match dollars) $4.92

4 pairs) gardening gloves  $15.00
(15) buckets/bins $75.00
signage  $180.00
(2) Living Wall Planter with drip kit $58.77


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