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the project

Kyle Taylor, a local mural artist will design and install a mural at 1673 Lamar. The mural will be one of eight murals in the area depicting the history of Pigeon Roost Road and the Rozelle Annesdale neighborhood.

It will be installed over a blighted wall and will become a highly visible "place" in our effort to reestablish an identity for a neighborhood divided by a federal highway. It will eliminate an eyesore and replace it with an attractive, interesting mural. We will use urban art to establish visible locations throughout the neighborhood, giving residents a sense of identity and connection and strengthening the connections between the people and the places they share. Passersby will see a neighborhood with an identity.

Neighborhoods are about people, not just houses or streets. By connecting the residents and the places, we increase our ability to relate to one another and work together to solve our problems. It is just a better way to live - as neighbors.

the steps

  • The artist was hired and began the mural design.
  • The artist will begin the installation of the mural.

why we're doing it

The neighborhood has lost its connectivity with the decline of Lamar as a viable commercial area. Separated by a federal highway, we need to reconnect and work together on the many problems which we face as a community. Lamar is an important transportation route for the city and is regularly used by visitors. We need an attractive face to show them.


I support this!
I support this!


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 1/12/16):

RAISED = $1,660.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) $47.33


Design and installation of the mural was priced at $3,250 by the artist and approved by the PRDC Board.

SUBTOTAL = $3,250
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $98



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