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the project

PADS will go into the community in June 2015 during hot meal with the Hunger Network events for all ages, along with at least one event geared toward Senior citizens. Our projects are very simple but have a huge impact on improving quality of life for those who we serve. We set up our table and hand out sanitary pads, tampons, feminine hygiene wipes, and incontinent products. These products include but is not limited to Stayfree, Always, Kotex, Depends, Tena, Poise etc. Individuals who benefit are very appreciative. We also provide educational instruction that include basic feminine hygiene and prevention of urinary tract infections, Toxic shock syndrome, and urinary incontinence.

the steps

1. Obtain a schedule from The Stay Well program(Hunger Network for June 2015) commit to at least 4 events for PADS to attend.(one including female seniors, and one including the Hispanic community on the West side).Schedule a fifth event for the 4rth Friday in June,to supply products at New Life Calvary on E.79th during hot meal. 

2. meet with officers May 9th to determine their availability for month of June.

3. Research sales, clip coupons, use reward points etc, purchase the needed items for each event.

4.Record inventory.

5.Follow up with any volunteers that are interested.

6. Post events with times on Pride Among Daughters and Sisters Facebook page and website.

7. Boost(run a face book ad each week featuring each event.

8.Attend events.

9.Use an exel inventory spread sheet to record the # of items given out (the type, size, brand etc) along with educational handouts. Record number of females served.(Provide donors and others with updates).

10. Take pictures for future advertising.

11.Meet with officers in to review and evaluate the outcome.

why we're doing it

The idea to form PADS was prompted by a once homeless woman speaking at Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, Ohio. She told my daughter and her classmates about her experience, and how having sanitary products was one of her basic needs, while living in the homeless shelters.  Her story touched my daughter Carmen who shared the story with me. Having these basic hygiene products is something we take for granted. Our family has a long history of living and volunteering in the  City of Cleveland. This was another way for us to continue to make a difference, while serving others.

In the US, the average girl starts her first period at 12, however a girl can start anytime between the ages of 8 and 15. Along with targeting girls and women of child bearing age, we target seniors. Nearly one-quarter of all women in the United States have some sort of pelvic floor disorder such as urinary incontinence, and that number is likely to increase as the population ages. The projects helps brigde the gap of inequity by promoting pride, dignity, and confidence as these females attend school, go on job interviews, work and participate in actvities of daily life.



RAISED = $25.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) $0.73


products $1,000.00
face book ads/ $250.00
travel $250.00

stipend $120.00
educational materials $250.00
printing $150.00
equipment $150.00
postage $50.00
tote bags/misc $280.00

ioby Platform Fee  35
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) 75



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