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the project

Wolf River Conservancy is a local nonprofit land trust that has been investing in quality of life for citizens of Memphis and the Mid-South since 1985. The Conservancy led the fundraising efforts to build out the Epping Way section of Wolf River Greenway trail, comprising over 1 mile of paved trail in the Raleigh area.  This boat dock will directly connect to the Greenway trail on this scenic 138-acre property that is effectively the newest park in the City of Memphis.  The dock enables expanded access to a beautiful 20-acre lake that is well-known by fishermen, people who grew up in Raleigh, and adjacent residents.

Building on the Conservancy's history of educating and providing recreational opportunities for people in the Mid-South, this boat dock will improve paddling and fishing not only in the Raleigh neighborhood but also in the greater Memphis area. Currently in the Raleigh neighborhood, there is no safe water access to teach and enjoy paddle sports. This boat dock project will change that.

Fundraising via IOBY and the Memphis New Century of Soul Matching Fund will cover the remaining gap for this important project. Epping Way provides a beautiful landscape for Raleigh residents and all citizens of Memphis to experience the great outdoors through running, biking, fishing and paddlings, as well as providing outdoor environmental education opportunities to students and partner organizations in the community.

the steps

1. Secure the boat dock through the manufacturer.

2. Award the bid for construction of the project.

3. Oversee the project to completion by end of summer 2019.

4. Install safety signage.

5. Activate the boat dock by working with Shelby County Schools and partner organizations including Girls Inc, Boy Scouts, and other organizations to teach both youth and adults how to paddle (canoe/kayak/paddle board).

why we're doing it

Wolf River Conservancy invests in the future of Memphis and the Mid-South in many ways. With this boat dock project, the Conservancy can better engage youth and adults alike in environmental education and recreational activities. People that are more engaged and educated on environmental science have greater appreciation for nature, learn new skills in the process (such as paddling), and are more likely to reap the health benefits of outdoor recreation.


Original budget:

Total cost of construction and boat dock is $75,000.

Wolf River Conservancy has already fundraised $55,000 from foundations.

The $20,000 ($10,000 matched by City of Memphis through New Century of Soul Matching Fund) will fund the gap of costs of the boat dock itself plus installation of the boat dock.

SUBTOTAL $20,000

ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $600

Total to Raise on ioby= $20,635


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