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Yuliya C
Block of East 14th Street btn Ave X and Gravesend Ave
Brooklyn (Gravesend)
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Thank You For Improving Our Little Piece of Brooklyn!

the project

We are organizing kids on our block to plant morning glories and nasturtiums around ugly stumps of trees, and at the perimeter of large tree beds. The kids will also paint "Keep Your Doggie Off" signs on plywood, which we'll laminate, attach to posts and stick into the ground. We will also install dog-bag dispensers on either side of the block to encourage dog owners to be more caring. And we will be coming out biweekly to pick up litter around the block, which we already started doing. The gardening project is going to be a first for most of us adults and kids and we hope to learn this year and possibly expand the project next year to neighboring blocks.

the steps

Buy dog-waste-bag dispensers and bags and install them (the most expensive part of the project). Buy a few basic gardening tools, seeds, fertilizer, plywood for signs. Sign-Making Day: Distribute plywood signs to local kids to paint and write the signs in their own handwriting. Laminate these and attach to posts. Preparing-Soil-Day: Clean tree beds, till them, mix in a little fertilizer. Planting Day: Plant seeds, install signs to keep dogs off. We will also regularly pick up litter around the block.

why we're doing it

The tree beds all around our block are neglected, with garbage and dog waste routinely dumped there. Kids run around and ride their bikes over dog waste. The waste also damages trees, is unsightly, and releases toxins. Three trees were chopped down last year, laying bare half a block, which used to be leafy. Due to long waits with the city we would only get new trees in 2012, at best. But even the sole youngling cherry tree sits in a littered bed.


1. Two Zero Waste Dispensers,, $218 (tax+shipping); 2. Zero Waste Bag Case - 3200 bags,, $224; 3. Garden Tools, Home Depot ( 2 watering cans, 3 tine cultivators, 3 hand trowels, 7 pairs of gloves), $93; 4. Plywood for signs, Home Depot, $25; 5. Yard Stakes, Home Depot, 12-pack, $8 Project Budget = $570l; ioby fee = 46; Taking a class in April at the BBG on street care.


Thank You For Improving Our Little Piece of Brooklyn!

Sign Painting Day!

We had our sign-painting day, with a dozen kids and about eight adults showing up. Kids drew and wrote up signs, also met new neighbors, played on the sidewalk and just enjoyed a great community event. Pictures from the day are here:


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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