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We jumped 65% in 3 Days

the project

April’s Unblurred at BOOM Concepts will be centered around the youth artist in the City of Pittsburgh. This art show will provide an opportunity for many artists to exhibit their original work for the first time!  BOOM Concepts will be accepting works from youth artists from Pre-K through 12th grade.  Schools, community organizations, and community partners can submit multiple works representing the youth engaged in their programs. 

The theme of the exhibition is “Our Future!” as youth will be encouraged to create art focused on what they want to see for their own future and the future of Pittsburgh. All works of art submitted within the guidelines will be accepted and displayed.  After the initial exhibition at BOOM Concepts, the youth work will be displayed during Pittsburgh’s Art All Night

During the month of April, BOOM Concepts will be launching a youth centered exhibition that will be accompanied by workshops and programs throughout the month.  Our team is currently seeking donations to stand by the City of Pittsburgh and the Urban Redevelopment Authority in support of BOOM Concepts youth programs.  

April’s PennAvenue's Unblurred at BOOM Concepts will be centered around the youth artist in the City of Pittsburgh. 

the steps

- Purchase supplies for student interactions
- Host one TeenBloc Studio Saturday during the month of February that includes the supplies and a two hour time slot for creation
- Host one TeenBloc Studio Saturday during the month of March that includes the supplies, a two hour time slot for creation, and an activity co-facilitated between Christa Drew and Darrell Kinsel
- Host one three-hour work day and installation session during the week prior to the April 3rd Unblurred exhibition                                                                              - Will plan and host an additional date for youth activities ie. screen printing of t-shirts and posters

why we're doing it

Since our inception, BOOM Concepts has offered artistic programming across the city. Serving youth that take part in programs at organizations such as Youth Places, The Center That Cares, Imani Christian Academy, A+ Schools, Assemble, Braddock Youth Project, Pittsburgh Public Schools, Bike Pittsburgh, Dreams of Hope, Center of Life: Krunk Movement, and FATHER RYAN ARTS CENTER.


Disbursed Budget:


TOTAL RAISED = $5,838.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $86.52

Original Budget:

Installation    $2000

Print Media, Promotions, Communications   $500

Shipping, Handling, Transportation  $500

Family Programs  $1000

Catering  $500

Documentation  $250

Emergency - Contingency   $250 


ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $156


We jumped 65% in 3 Days


We amazingly jumped up 65% in three days. We are very appreciative for all of the shares, donations, kind words to get others active for this project. We can't wait to display the youth's work and have fun with some workshops in April!

We're over 30% there!

Thank you for everyone who donated towards our project. The next two Saturday's (7th and 12th) will be TEENBLOC days from 11A-1P. If you're interested in bringing your children into the space reach out to us at (limited shared spaces for the youth days).


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


  • Anonymous
  • Arvid Tomayko
  • Anonymous
  • Yekaterina Janpoladyan
  • Xela Batchelder
  • Tyson Sears
  • Renee R.
  • Emily Schmidlapp
  • Ginger Brooks Takahashi
  • Andy Collins
  • Keyla Nogueira Cook
  • Davon
  • Ronnie C.
  • Kendra Ross
  • Anonymous
  • Diana C.
  • Angela Washko
  • Sallyann Kluz & Dan Allen
  • Allison Cosby
  • Madeline
  • Mario Quinn Lyles
  • Fred Zelt
  • Laura McDermit
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  • Jessi V.
  • Holly Mason
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  • Lori Gunn
  • Becky Flaherty
  • Mitch Swain
  • Allyce Pinchback-Johnson
  • Jason Swanson
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  • Lisa C.
  • Six O’Matic
  • Kathryn Heffernan
  • Kristen Linfante
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  • Shamel Green
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  • Tom & Bekka Altes
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  • Malcolm Xavier
  • Lydia Yoder
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  • Omolade Olubowale
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  • Matt & Meg Dooley
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