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Thankful for your Generous Support!

the project

Operation Vegetables: The Big, Giant Board Game of Yummy Health! 

As an artist with a heart for sustainability, I created The Collinwood Painted Rain Barrel Project to engage my community to have fun with the barrels that are not so attractive but useful for free water and helping prevent untreated pollution from entering our fresh water source. 

I nurtured inner artists to design with confidence and wrote grants to plant gardens in spaces without access to them. As they grew, I painted their walls including local kids artwork as inspiration so they see themselves as a part of the garden: welcome to pick & eat.

I designed a giant board game with these kids in mind: libraries and rec centers provide lunches during Summers for kids, but they're often boring and half eaten thrown away or a few items shared. I offered art workshops at 3 locations – 2 libraries and our Salvation Army Summer camp, where the kids designed funny veggie superheroes, while I offered them fresh snacks to sample. New tastes; surprised kids.

The game is completed – the kids become game pieces and are active with cards picturing their characters along with funny junk foods with consequences for healthy eating (and not so healthy). Any local group will be able to reserve and play the game forever at the library.

I hope to repeat this at other local libraries, schools & rec centers.

the steps

If I receive the grant, I'll approach schools, libraries & rec centers to see if they want the workshops, then book workshops. I'll create more action cards for them to have personal connection to their version of the game.

I'll print large format vinyl game boards and build dice and action cards.

If the game site is interested, we'll start garden planning, then contract a local carpenter, arrange for rain barrel installation and start planting.

I’ll assess deer and pest control to plan for non-chemical responses where needed to maintain an organic garden.

Each game will have trained leaders in-house to own the game and book free reservations for supervised play.


why we're doing it

I love watching my daughter grow up with a love for growing her own cherry tomatoes & green beans. Watching seeds sprout and food growing has formed her taste for healthy foods. I was not so lucky to have this when I was a child. Eating out of cans and only having limited fresh choices stunted my palate, and affected my food choices.

I also live a block from Lake Erie and mourn the polluted waters that we cannot safely swim in, so I champion rain barrel use for the future health of our lake, and our love for the North Coast – hoping we can enjoy cleaner waters for our community.

This all can add color, arts and fun into our neighborhoods, growing bonds between our busy families and bringing generations together to play outside.


Thanks to Ramona P for your donation - first one - WOO HOO!!!
Thank You so much for your gift, Becky and Meredith!! Thank you to my first donor, Ramona!!!!
Thank you Sandra K & Anonymous Times two!! I really appreciate your donations!!
So Many THANKS to Tomlynn Biondo for your donation!! So lucky to have yo M-I-L & Family Biondo here within a few houses to share the joy of art with!!!!
Thank you to J. Norman Stark and Marilyn McCugh for your support!!
Thank you Anonymous for your generous gift!!
Thank you Gwen Stembridge for your support!!!
Thank you so much Nina Rossi, Environmentally CLE, Habeebah Grimes, Anne Caruso, and Rhanna Nyman for making my day with your support!!! The 1st game's now available FREE to any group - 6-8 kids with adult supervision at Memorial Nottingham Library- book it any time their meeting room is free - 1/2 hour average play. Very fun - good for birthdays!!
Thank you Rob & Diane Wuesthoff!! Happy Voting Day!!!
Thank you Lauryn Nicole for your support!! Thank you to Cleveland Climate Action Fund, I got the match and can continue receiving donations until Nov 18th: I'd be thrilled to surpass my goal, as they match up to $5 thousand: The more I can raise, the more kids will play!
Thank you Sam Zolten & Christine Granger Sexton your generous support!!!
Thank you Robyn Busch for your generous contribution!!!
Thank you Carrie Kaminski & Anonymous!! You helped me reach my goal!
Thank you for going above & beyond, Ashley!!
Thank you CJG's, LLC; Charissa Murphy and Carlos Taylor for your kindness and support!!!


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 11.22.16):

RAISED = $2,673.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
Payment Processing Fee (3%) $76.83

The extra $61 raised will be used to create a poster & flyers to give to the school or library to explain the game and let parents know that they can reserve the game to play for free (marketing).



One project on a site can be created with $2500:

Workshops $500 for 2: with 10 kids each, supplies and snacks, teacher time

$500 for a garden to be built

$1000 for painting of rain barrel and garden

$500 to print and manufacture game and pieces

SUBTOTAL = $2,500
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $75



Thankful for your Generous Support!

Thank you!

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*Donor Incentive #2

**Donor Incentive #2: $300 gets your choice of LZW Upcycled Art in the Ursuline Green Arts Showcase - $500 and you choose from available Painted Rain Barrels in this show (While I can ship smaller items, large rain barrels must be picked up at the end of the exhibit December 16th).
Opening Reception THIS Friday, Nov 4th - details:

DONOR Incentive Alert #1: LIVE MUSIC!

**DONOR Incentive Alert #1: $300 Tax-Deductible donation will get you a Northeast Ohio SOLO HOUSE CONCERT by Doug Wood, $500 will bring him ANYWHERE in Ohio to play for you & your friends!!! Thank you: (He's playing on mandolin, btw, Darren Frate on Bass & Tara Hanish on Cello - in their Cellocentric CD project. Incentive offer Deadline November 18th!!!)
His original acoustic guitar is here in my slideshow about how I started out in this Crazy world of Arts & Sustainability:

Thank You For Your Gifts!!

To Myra & Ted, & Theresa & John:

Thank you so much for supporting this community arts and sustainability project!!

I am blessed and lucky to be able to apply my skills to help make my neighborhoods more fun & healthy.

Thank You!

 The CD's were added to scare away deer, but I had to add a LOT more for them to quit munchin our peppers and tomatoes down to nubs.

Thank so  much for your contributions: AJ Zolten and Jacquelin A Brennan: You're helping me reach the matching goal!

I'll be putting the Garden to bed for the cold weather soon, adding coffee grounds to help amend the soil all through the Winter.


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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