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the project

The protests and unrest across the country are not unfamiliar, and have shown that change is still needed. They are a call to action and we all need to answer the call. Many children in predominately African-American communities and at-risk neighborhoods are born at a severe disadvantage. This is by no fault of their own, but rather is a reflection of the systemic injustices that have plagued this country for centuries. These kids are not given the external support nor the resources to succeed and are set up with the deck stacked against them from the moment they are born. We are launching The Passion Project with the goal to change this. Our nation's capital is meant to act as the beacon of hope for our country, but this hope should not be reserved only for those that can afford it. It should not be just for those born into privilege.The Passion Project is launching in Washington DC so the hopes and freedoms this country was founded on can be accessible to all kids across the country, regardless of who their parents are, the color of their skin, or where they were born. Only together can we give all kids equal opportunity. Only together can we put an end to the systemic racism and oppression many of them face. Only Together.

the steps

1. Launch Passion Project - August 28, 2020

2. Launch First Passion Project Summit - August 28, 2021

why we're doing it

There are 124,000 kids living in Washington DC. But of those kids, the poverty rate among African Americans is over 4 times as high compared to kids that are white living in the same city. These kids are living just streets apart yet they are living in completely different worlds. The Passion Project aims to end this injustice first in DC and then throughout the country. The Passion Project was created to give kids the resources and support needed to break free from the systemic disadvantages and oppression facing their communities.





TOTAL RAISED = $500.00
ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $25.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $15.00




Ways to Help:

  1. Education
    1. Allow us to continuously expand on the education opportunities we offer kids in The Passion Project so all kids, regardless of their background can learn, grow, and develop their passions into future careers. Become a career mentor, donate, or reach out about teaching and instruction needs.
  2. Scholarships
    1. Help us offer scholarships to kids. We also look to partner with higher education institutions interested in making positive change by offering scholarships to those who need them most.
  3. Professional Development
    1. Too often internship, externship, and other development opportunities are restricted to those who can access them. Help us expand access to these opportunities by getting involved or becoming a corporate partner.
  4. Life Skills
    1. Life skills such as financial literacy, public speaking, and interviewing are often overlooked areas of a child's success and are not easily accessible. Help us bring these skills to those who need them most.
  5. Community Experiences
    1. A kid's enjoyment and exposure to activities should not be based on where they were born or if they were born into privilege. Help us offer experiences kids will remember and hold onto for a lifetime.
  6. Passion Project Summit
    1. Our planned annual summit that will connect all kids participating in The Passion Project, developing a community of leaders, change seekers, and policy makers. Help us make this a reality.


ioby Platform Fee$35

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)$5,437

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $3,262

TOTAL TO RAISE =$108,733.70


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