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the project

With the recent closure of NY City Public School as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are seeking to offer a new online curriculum and platform for schools  and the greater community to be able to continue to offer valuable food and culinary education for students across the city. Cooking is a valuable life skill known to increase math skills, build self-esteem, and much more! The Allergic to Salad curriculum is CORE and STEM-based and seasonally inspired. Students learn about the nutritional value and the importance of eating healthy in a hands-on setting. We are currently developing a customized online learning platform for individual schools and sites, with content ranging from STEM, CORE, and life skills-based enrichment, live classes, a culinary helpline with our professional educators, and more. We will be working with each site to put together recipes and lessons to fit the needs of the community you serve.

We are raising funds in order to provide low-cost classes to our existing school sites in addition to classes available to the greater community. The funds we raise from this campaign will be used to offer financial assistance and scholarships in multiple forms, including assistance to schools and individual student scholarships. 

the steps

Develop the Online Platform

  • Work with sites individually to develop a platform for online culinary education, either through existing platforms or our own
  • Customizing curriculum based on community need 

Online Culinary Classes:

  • Offer a series of 8-10 weeks of weekly classes (or more if needed) to schools and the community
  • Focus on accessible recipes, ingredients, and use of culinary equipment that targets different life-skills 
  • Include live and recorded video content, in addition to enrichment activities and materials
  • Introduce concepts around nutrition, healthy-eating, STEM, and CORE

Family Support:

  • Additional family support around cooking at home with kids
  • Online support from our professional educators
  • Include nutrition education and tips to bring kids to the kitchen and eating better.

All students will

  • Develop motor skills and recipe literacy.
  • Learn about the nutritional value and seasonal eating in a hands-on setting.
  • Share these skills with siblings, parents, and faculty through an annual family cook night.

why we're doing it

While we are being forced to rapidly adapt to changing circumstances at the present, it is also important to us to continue to expand our program offerings and make them more accessible to schools and students, and believe that making digital cooking classes available to students will be a useful tool going forward, no matter the circumstances. Empowering the youth among us is the key to creating a sustainable future for everyone. Rates of obesity and diabetes, both diet-related preventable diseases are high in New York City at large. In addition, food and cooking literature is a vital life-skill that will prepare students of all ages to care for themselves and the community. We can address these health challenges by educating youth about the empowering possibilities of a healthy diet. Allergic to Salad provides engaging and hands-on culinary education to youth in local schools, in partnership with local restaurants. This program strengthens community bonds and empowers youth to make healthy choices and take charge of their own futures!


Budget Breakdown

Cost Per Class:

Educator + Ingredients for live and recorded classes - $85

Curriculum and Supplemental Enrichment Materials - $10

Administrative Support - $8

Program Officer - $8

Partnerships Manager-$8

Media/ Postcards - $6

Digital Cookbooks - $5

Total Material, Educational and Administrative Costs = $130

Cost for a weekly class for 8 weeks at one site = $1,040

We are trying to raise money for at least 15 schools or other sites to bring in 8-10 weeks of online programming for their students. 

ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $495
TOTAL TO RAISE = $16,495


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