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the project

We believe that everyone should know how to grow their own food, even kids.  We want to provide a space for people to gain these skills.  One Kin Farm is an open participation community garden, with a wildlife sanctuary, and space for the community to learn, grow and experiment together.

the steps


We have a space to start thanks to the generosity of a private landowner who shares our vision of a network of decentralized farms operated by engaged citizens. We are bringing in compost next week and have most of our lumber donated already. We just need a little more help from our community to really get going.

Our next steps will be:

1) getting basic tools, which include shovels, wheelbarrows, hoes,  pitchforks, etc.

2) Testing the existing soil and deciding whether we need to cover it all or whether simply growing edibles in raised beds will protect us and the rabbits enough.

3) Covering the ground if we need to and building the rabbit house.

4) Getting the rabbits!!


why we're doing it

One Kin is the collaborative effort to push the boundary of where and how you can grow food in the city.  We believe this approach will link the broken bond of people and food, empower the community to be self-reliant, and create an open forum for environmental education.


Soil- $300
Tools & Supplies- $200
Rabbits & Huts - $200
Soil Testing- $100
Transporting Compost - $500
Plant starts to fill 30 beds - $250

project total = $1,550
total that group hopes to raise = $1200

third party credit card processing (3%) = $36
fiscal sponsorship (5%) = $60
ioby materials and labor = $35

Total to raise = $1,331


Total raised: $674

third party credit card processing (3%) = $18.72
fiscal sponsorship (5%) = $31.20

Total disbursed to group: $624.07


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