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the project

One Kin Farm is a community garden in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. During our first year we turned an abandoned, trash strewn lot, into a vibrant, productive and beautiful garden. Last year, food in the garden was grown communally and made available free of cost to garden visitors. The door of the garden is always open so nieghbors can stop by whenever they have a free moment to water the blueberry bush, harvest a cherry tomato snack or just read a book on a garden bench.

This year we want to expand our compost system at One Kin to reduce the garbage littering our neighborhood. We also need a facility to process the manure created by our laying hens and rabbits. As a garden focused on improving our community, we want to limit the waste we create and provide compost to our nieghbors so they can grow plants and green the surrounding blocks.

The rear of our garden is over shaded by trees. Expanding our compost will turn a part of the garden that is otherwise unproductive as growing space, into a space that processes our waste and produces fresh compost to nurture the plants we grow to fill our dinner plates.

the steps

We will host a compost bin construction workshop, where community members will construct a three bin compost system and a large worm bin for the garden. This worm bin will serve as a tool to make home composting accessible for everyone. The three bin system will be used to process organic waste that neighbors drop off during Saturday garden work days, and manure generated by our chickens and rabbits.

why we're doing it

When walking down the streets in our neighborhood you can see so much waste—so much garbage that often just overflows onto the streets. We want to build a worm bin to demonstrate home composting, and a compost bin to reroute the food scraps we currently landfilled. This will reduce the volume of garbage set out on the curb, and make our community a cleaner and more beautiful place. The compost system will also help us manage the manure created by our chickens and rabbits.



1. Cedar lumber for compost bins, $310 from Home Depot

2. 31' of 36" wide hardware cloth, $45 from Home Depot

3. Carriage bolts, washers, screws and poultry staples for compost bin, $150 from Home Depot

4. Six 14 gal totes, $50 from Home Depot

5. One tool shed, $455, from Man Products

6. Two bags Mushroom Spawn, $40 from Fungi Perfecti

7. Four pitchforks, $100, Home Depot

8. Compost thermometer, $25, Reotemp

9. Power Drill, $100 from Home Depot

10. Hand Saw, $24 from Home Depot

11. Two heavy duty hoses, $80 from Home Depot



1. Boards, $14 from Home Depot

2. Paint, $70 from Home Depot

3. Paint Brushes $12 from Home Depot

4. Plexiglass $17 from Home Depot

5. Lumber crayons $8 from Home Depot


Sub Total $1500


SUBTOTAL = $1,500
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $75
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $45



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