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New Addition: a Rolling Garden Bed

the project

We grow food. We house people. Garden beds or sleeping beds- its all the same to us. 

I was homeless with no support systems in place. I was pregnant, employed, had a vehicle, a small savings and still had to take my children to a shelter. I was a Home<Less Human. I felt dumb and alienated for being homeless. Now fast forward to property owner, author and entrepreneur.

We opened our doors to strangers and began solving the issues that create an unhoused person. With no outside funding sources, operating since January 2017 we now need your support. Over 20 people, two couples and their children have been helped. Home<Less Human raises awareness that housing is a human right. 

Our facility needs vital repairs and additional living spaces.

We also need legal business consulting as we are a L3C able to accept program related investments from foundations. We are do gooder's not accountants or attorneys. Home<Less Human states the unhoused are no less human than those with homes. 

One Bed $1 Program has an  opportunity to make interior and exterior capital improvements to our co-living facility. Artists Lead will match funds.

We are using Placemaking to raise awareness to the crises of affordable housing, & poor food accessibility,


the steps

Mold Remediation / ACA Compliance Ramp: remove mold and waterproof install dehumidifier purchase building materials and complete install

Expand Units / High Traffic Flooring: purchase materials for drywall framing door install two units remove carpet install new flooring

Safety Lighting / Security Cameras: install wireless cameras motion solar flood lights install coded keypads

Curb Appeal / Food Sustainability: plant edible indoor and outdoor gardens collect rain water install donated bamboo tree barrier

* 2 of 4 garden beds ,  compost bin, transplants have been sown, some materials purchased for greenhouse (completed tasks)

why we're doing it

Greed and hate prevents every American from having access to basic human rights, like housing and food.

The ugly truth is the poor and weak just don't have any value to a majority of people. 

The Housing First method is not rocket science, it's old news. It also works.The unhoused will be helped by the housed community.

Our co-living space receives zero funding. So with any monetary assistance we instantly increase our impact by 10 million percent.  We have operated until this point with no grants or outside funding. Your partnership means we can solve this one bed at a time.

Thanks for your willingness to being the real difference in the life of a Home<Less Human...


$1000 Greenhouse Patio

$1000 Hydroponic Indoor Growing System

$500 Security System

$500 Exterior Lighting AC Cage

$250 COVID Career Training

$250 COVID Resource Material

$500 Editing & Videography H<H

ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
Please note: ioby fees are estimated and will be calculated based on totals at the end of the campaign.  


New Addition: a Rolling Garden Bed


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