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Karson B
Thomas Jefferson International Newcomers Acadmey
(International Village)
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the project

When it comes to building mutual understanding and trust, friendships make all the difference! For two years, Oné Respé has been pairing teenagers at Cleveland area independent schools with students at the International Newcomers Academy to visit each other’s classrooms, play, create, eat, serve and laugh together. This thriving, friendship-based integration program cultivates honor and respect, bolsters language acquisition and fosters social connections for immigrant and refugee youth from 48 countries speaking 27 different languages. Oné Respé also helps American-born students gain understanding of global society, people, cultures, governments, religions, and the realities of being a refugee or immigrant. 

I serve on the National Youth Advisory Council for HOPE worldwide and began Oné Respé to build bridges of mutual support and education in my community.

the steps

This integration project is underway and thriving, however additional funds are needed to continue the program including the following steps.


Secure 501 c3 status

Add additional schools to the program (Currently in discussions with St. Eds to become the fourth participating school)

Select and develop pipeline of student leaders to succeed current leadership

Secure transportation to and from each school

Purchase tshirts for students

Purchase tickets for events and activities for Buddy Visits

Purchase supplies for activities

Purchase lunches for Buddy Visits


why we're doing it

Immigrant and refugee are words that are frequently heard but often misunderstood. These words take on new meanings when associated with the names and faces of true friends. Oné Respé, named after a Haitian greeting of welcome meaning honor and respect, helps students and their families create life changing friendships!


each school year we will need:

  • A minimum of 6 days of bus transportation from school to school and for various outings
  • Food for a minimum of six outings
  • Tshirts for all student participants
  • Project Supplies
  • Event Tickets for outings

$900 bus transportation
$450 food
$400 tshirts
$270 supplies
$800 event tix (bowling or a play for example)
$100 printing

$2,920 Annual Total at current size

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $91
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $3,046



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