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the project

We will be painting flower/botanical murals around the Old Brooklyn neighborhood.  The idea came from a combination of elements, one being that some parts of the neighborhood need a little love and the second Old Brooklyn's slogan is "a great place to grow."  We thought flowers would help solidify their branding as well as provide a more scenic and beautiful surrounding.  This fall we have been approved by the building owners and the city to paint 3 locations.  We hope that we can have more next year.   This will be an ongoing project with the intent of making Old Brooklyn a destination for flower walls and photo opportunities, giving passerby's a reason to stop, take a photo, and patronize the businesses nearby.  Each of the three locations was chosen specifically because a small business is near.

Location 1 - Floral Fever 4377 State Rd

Location 2 - Floral Finish 3310 Broadview Rd

Location 3 - Foliage Fixation 3504 Stanford Ave


the steps

The mural team is in process of creating 3 murals in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood.  These murals will be painted in late October and early November of 2021.  We have already received approval to paint on the walls from the property owners and the city of Cleveland.  All property owners and city representatives involved are very excited about the project.  The Old Brooklyn Blooms team will raise funds through the community to purchase materials and pay the artists for their time and designs. 

The team hopes to add even more murals in a similar style the following year to make Old Brooklyn a flower mural destination.

why we're doing it

The businesses and people in Old Brooklyn are hardworking and deserve to have their streets turned into art.

I bought a house in Old Brooklyn two years ago and want to help my community.  I am a small business owner myself and believe that these murals will put more eyes on the neighborhood and all it has to offer.  The three mural locations were chosen specifically because they are near a small business.


Disbursed Budget 12.27.2021

$1,678.10 will be used to reimburse artists for materials and their time. There will be other funding involved to reach our total funding goal. Thanks to your generous contributions and support we've also received a Neighbor Up grant to use towards this project! 

TOTAL RAISED = $1,730.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $51.90


Original budget: 

Each Mural will cost around $3000.  We will be painting 3 murals this fall.  Materials will cost around $500 for new paints, brushes, and rollers.   Fortunately, this isn't our first mural and we can use the ladders, drop cloths, paint cups, and other materials from past jobs.  We have estimated these walls at $29 per square foot for design and to install the murals.  The combined total square feet of the three murals are around 300 square feet. 

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $282

Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised and amount of match funding applied to this campaign.



We wanted to thank everyone for all their support.  The project was fully funded and completed in October of 2021.  If you want to keep up with Eileen Dorsey and Garrett Weider, please visit them online at,, or follow them on Instagram at @eileen_dorsey_studio and @garrettweider

Mural 1 is Complete!

We just finished the mural on Gus's on State rd!  A huge thank you to everyone who donated or gave support.  We are so grateful.  Make sure to scroll through the photos to see the final pictures.  Our second mural starts tomorrow. 🎉

Nice to Meet You!

Hi!  We are Eileen Dorsey and Garrett Weider.  We are both Cleveland artists and muralist who have been making a living coloring canvases and walls for the public.  We moved to Old Brooklyn in 2019 and love it here!  We are excited to share our talents with our neighbors but we need a little help.  Please consider donating to the Old Brooklyn Blooms Mural Project and help brighten the community around you.


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