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19800 Pembroke
(O'Hair Park)
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the project

A community on the rise!

We have been fighting blight in our community over the years. We have made great strides and are very proud of the direction in which we are heading. On this particular lot we are featuring Master Artist Muralist Curtis L. Lewis II, to create an original iconic mural that features the heart and soul of O'Hair Park Community, the people. Representing past and present residents of the community the mural that will last well into the future.    

In our efforts, we have found that not only does beautification of empty lots act as a deterrent to illegal dumping but more favorably as a COMMUNITY BUILDER. We transformed an empty lot this year that had been known for dumping into a place where the community feels proud to gather, play, laugh and learn. We want to bring this sense of community into other lots. Bringing life into empty spaces in our community will reflect the outdoor spaces that the immediate surrounding residents desire, reflecting community needs and wants. Each lot will be different and have its own character based on community input. 

Even a great neighborhood can be hindered by blighted, unkept spaces. We are transforming these same spaces through gardening, murals, play areas and beautification into spaces that are welcoming and inviting to the residents. These lots will not only boost the morale of the neighborhood but also enhance property values making O'Hair Park Neighborhood a lovable place to live. 



the steps

Once the funds are obtained we will: 

Pay for muralist

Repairing and replacing fencing 



why we're doing it

We've found that blight dampens the spirit of the community. It also brings with it safety concerns due to illegal dumping and unkept grounds. Children and families need safe spaces in the neighborhood to visit and not have to worry about safety or other unwanted activities that blight encourages. 


Disbursed Budget (1.11.18):

RAISED = $400.00
less ioby Platform Fee  waived
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $11.65

Original Budget:

Maintenance of lot to ready the lot: $500

Flower box materials: $500

Mural: $500

SUBTOTAL = 1,500
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $45



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