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the project

My children have always been creative, with open minds and endless possibilities about what they want to be when they grow up.  One day they want to be an artist, the next, a writer, the next a musician.  

They were interested in drawing, making music, telling jokes, cooking, designing and surprisingly, it was hard to find activities that met all of their interests in one place.  Of course, they could always turn on their devices, but it ended there...just watching other people doing what they wanted to do.  That’s when I started creating paper-based activity packets that focused on their interests so they can “do” instead of watch.  

I told them if they finished the activities by the end of the month, they would get a prize!  They loved it.  They started talking about the packets to their friends and neighbors and in no time, I was creating the packets and giving prizes to a lot more children.  I would walk through the neighborhood with children running up to me asking when the next packet would be ready. 

I wondered, how can I keep this going and how can I reach more children?  That is how Offline Kid Time, Inc. began.

the steps

Your generous donation will help with start-up administration costs and the ability for us to send free activity packets to 200 more children

why we're doing it

We want to give access to all children who want to become part of this community.  Free for all.

Speaking from personal experience, I am always looking for ways to limit my children's screentime.  I am not anti-screentime and I am not a physician, but I know that it has affected my children's imagination and creativity - instead of doing it themselves, they just want to watch others do it online.  Since I started creating and distributing these activity packets, I have found that the level of engagement increases when the children know that others are doing the same thing.  It especially gets them motivated when they see other children's work!


We are a start-up non-profit corporation wanting to support all families who are in need of free alternatives to screen time.  The administrative and operational costs to support one child for one-month averages $20.  To support one child for a full year averages $240.  Costs include high-quality activity packet design, printing, supplies, toy prizes, mail services, and high-quality customer engagement.  We are dedicated to upholding exceptional customer experience and high-quality products to all members especially those in underserved communities where options may be limited.  Our goal for this year is to raise enough funds to support 200 children.

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TOTAL TO RAISE = $52,211.96
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