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the project

I love how my kids want to try everything! One day they want to be an artist, the next, a writer, the next a musician.  I was constantly looking for ways to encourage their learning, but once I ran out of things for them to do, their devices always turned on. They would start watching instead of doing.

I found it hard to find one-stop-shop, paper-based activities that focused on their interests.  So, I started making them! 

If my kids finished the activities by the end of the month, they got a prize which made the experience even more fun.  Word got around and in no time, I was creating the packets and giving prizes for the neighborhood. 

I wanted to grow this great community to inspire more children to explore with confidence. That is how Offline Kid Time, Inc. began.

the steps

We would love to give this opportunity to all children who want to participate.  If we raise more money, we can welcome more children!  

why we're doing it

To encourage less screen time and more hands-on exploration in individual interests.


Operational Costs per Month for 200 Children: $1500

Printing Costs = $400

Prizes (Books) = $300

Shipping = $800

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