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the project

Ode to Earth is a performing-arts showcase of our connection to our planet. 350 Sacramento, Sacramento's climate action non-profit, has hosted this event since 2016. Ode to Earth offers our community several benefits:

1) A way for artists to contribute to climate activism

2) Community-building

3) Communicating, sharing, and healing feelings around climate change through artistic expression

Past performers have included: musicians, poets, comedians, dancers, aerialists, acrobats, multi-ethnic music and dance groups, and multi­ media artists. We envision this community event to be our biggest event yet. We expect it to be a healing balm to the troubled times we are in, and an outlet for our feelings about the climate crisis affecting all of us. Furthermore, we hope the event will galvanize the community to take collective action to ensure a livable future for our young people.

Any profits from the event will be used to further the work that 350 Sacramento does in the Sacramento region to implement equitable solutions that accelerate the transition to a sustainable future, with atmospheric carbon dioxide levels below 350 Parts per Million (ppm). This includes monitoring and commenting on local Climate Action Plans, representing the people on panels such as the Mayor's Climate Commission, facilitating youth training programs, managing air filter projects, advocating and contributing to the passage of legislation, and other activities that accelerate our transition to a sustainable equitable future.

the steps

1) Create Project Plan - by 8/12/2022

2) Finalize location - by 11/1/2022

3) Create sponsorship program - by 8/31/2022

4) Create marketing plan - by 11/30/2022

5) Finalize performer lineup - by 11/30/2022

6) Create online auction plan - by 8/31/2022

7) Finalize food and beverage vendors - by 12/15/2022

9) Finalize sound tech vendor - by 12/15/2022

why we're doing it

The mission of Ode to Earth is to harness the power of the arts to open our hearts and connect ourselves to one another and to planet earth. Through this arts showcase, we strive to do the following:

  • Provide an opportunity for artists to participate in the climate movement, and share their work with the community
  • Allow the community to communicate, share, and heal feelings around climate change through artistic expression
  • Provide an equitable community-building and family-oriented event
  • Promote access to healthy foods (all food vendors will be healthy and plant-based)
  • Take time to pause in shared culture, remember and appreciate our earth, and consider what is at stake if we fail to act on climate change
  • Energize the local climate movement and galvanize the community to take collective action to ensure a livable future for our young people.


$10,000   Performer stipend
$3,000     Food truck
$1,000     Beverages truck
$2,000     Total materials and fees for event marketing
$2,000     Online auction
$12,000   Staff time


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ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
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