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Maggie W
6307 Maple Street
(Benson Neighborhood)
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the project

We are painting a large-scale mural on the Oceanside building in Benson. This mural will act as an "entryway" to the neighborhood providing many benefits to pedestrians and drivers alike! This is a perfect location for a beautiful addition to the neighborhood. The existing mural is in need of some care, and we're here to help!

the steps

April 18th: Public Visioning Session

April 27th - May 11th: IOBY crowdfunding campaign open!

April 19th-June 1st: Design Mural

June 2nd & 3rd: Begin Prepping & Priming the Wall

June 9th: Painting

June 10th: Community Paint Day

June 16th & 17th: Painting

July 8th: Unveiling & Reception

why we're doing it

Murals provide many benefits to a neighborhood's health. There have been studies conducted that show that murals make spaces safer and less vandalism/litter occurs. Aside from making the neighborhood enjoyable, we hope to engage the community by hosting three public events. We are also providing a paid opportunity for local artists to give back to their city. 


Documentation: $200
Supplies: $500
Artist Stipends: $1,205

SUBTOTAL = 1,908
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $57


Expense Cost Notes Lead Artist #1 $1,000.00

Lead Artist #2 $1,000.00 Assistant #1 $300.00

Assistant #2 $300.00 Documentation $200.00

Supplies $500.00

Power Wash Wall $100.00

Contingency $200.00

Reception $249.51

IOBY Platform Fee $35.00 IOBY Donation Processing Fee $115.49 Total $4,000.00

RAISED = $4,000.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $115.49



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