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the project

Every farm needs a good source of high quality compost, and at the same time, a need to reduce operating and labor costs. Brooklyn Grange has been composting material from local farmers markets, CSA's and public parks since its inception in May 2010. Through relationships with local partners, O2 Compost now has the opportunity to increase our capacity even further. We will be able to increase the number of people being served through local organics diversion and increase the amount of compost we create. Through the installation of a solar-powered Aerated Static Pile system (or, ASP for short) we will with much less physical labor and without being tied into the grid be able to create a lot more compost in a much shorter amount of time.

the steps

Brooklyn Grange will provide space on the farm for compost operations, We will install a system engineered by Peter Moon, president and principal engineer of O2 Compost. A substantial amount of the equipment is being donated by O2 Compost to cover most expensive components of the system, and Brooklyn Grange is raising funds through ioby to cover the rest. Material from farmer's markets, CSA's, and other public events (like Project Leaf Drop) will be brought to the farm to be turned into a useable resource that will build soil and provide the plants with vital nutrients.

why we're doing it

NYC has a burgeoning urban agriculture sector which translates into a need for compost. There are also a high number of farmers markets and CSA's, which means lots of good quality material form not that farm away. With few or no options for backyard composting, and the challenges and limitations of small-scale worm composting, much of NYC's residential residuals are often transported, at great environmental expense, to distant landfills, where they contaminate groundwater and release greenhouse gases. This is especially disheartening when the materials that come from local farms, while the availability of compost is outpaced by the need for it for urban agriculture. This project connects the dots between the nutrient management needs of urban agriculture, the abundance of a material resource, and the challenges created by long-haul transport.


Cedar 16' (2" x 6") T/G = 2259.84 Sch40 (3") Knife Gate Valve = 91.92 Sch40 (3" x 4") Coupler Reducer = 78.40 Sch40 (4") T = 78.05 Sch40 (4") 90 Elbow = 72.16 Sch40 (4") PVfC Pipe Cap = 18.80 Sch40 (4") Coupler = 26.58 Sch40 4" Pipe = 68.76 1/2 HP Blower = 119.00 Recycle Timer = 59.41 Washers = 3.00 Lag Screws = 27.22 Connecting bolts = 11.54 Stainless steel screws = 110.00 Stainless steel insert nuts = 38.76 Shipping for solar = 300.00 Battery for solar panel inverter = 236.00 Project budget total = $3,599.68   ioby materials and labor = $35 Third party credit card processing (3%) = 107.99 Total to raise = $3,707.67 



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