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the project

Time4Time Community Exchange is co-hosting a Repair Café on Saturday, September 20, 2014, at the Center on the Hill, 8855 Germantown Ave., Phila., PA 19118. Conceived as a way to help people reduce waste and build a sense of community, the NW Philly Repair Café is a half-day event where neighbors pool their skills and labor for a few hours on a particular day to fix things at no cost, like mending clothing, reviving old coffee-makers, fixing computers, broken lamps, bikes and toys, small furniture repair, knife and blade sharpening, and gluing the plastic thingy that broke off that new item you just bought.  Our event is based on the program created by the Repair Café Netherlands Foundation.  They are very popular in Europe and the United States.  We will be the first to open a Repair Café in Northwest Philadelphia.

Here’s how it works. Volunteer local experts/fixers set up repair stations where neighbors will bring their broken stuff for repair (electrical appliances, computers, clothing, housewares, bicycles, etc), including any necessary replacement parts. There's food, a “Really Really Free” clothing swap table, and a place for neighbors to chat as they wait their turn to get an item repaired. If an item can’t be fixed, it can be recycled responsibly. It's family-friendly! There will be kid activities using recycled materials.

the steps

  1. Recruit fixers and event volunteers
  2. Organize repair stations/logistics
  3. Obtain basic fix-it supplies and volunteer insurance
  4. Conduct outreach publicizing the event
  5. Manage 100 community people coming in for repairs


why we're doing it

We want to build a stronger community and increase their awareness about reducing waste and recycling responsibly.


space rental (1/2 day) (CH Presbyterian Church) = $800

2 large banners (outdoor vinyl) (Vistaprint) = $83.49

Volunteer insurance (CIMA) = $510

Resource Directory (local repair services and recycling info) = 150 copies (Staples: 3 pages double-sided/color) = $180

NW Philly Repair Cafe small posters (50) (Vistaprint or Staples) = $76.99

Video production - $1,000 (3-4 minute video on the NW Philly Repair Café and Time4Time Community Exchange)

Ads in local newspapers - $360 (non-profit rate for 2 ads 4" x 5")

SUBTOTAL = $2,211
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5% of total) $111
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3% of non-match dollars) $6

RAISED = $2,586.00
less ioby Platform Fee, paid by the Center for a New American Dream $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5% of total, paid by the Center for a New American Dream) $121.48
less 3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3% of non-match dollars, paid by the Center for a New American Dream) $36.64

Revised budget, 11/5/2014

Original Budget items (listed on ioby Website)


Space rental (Chestnut Hill Presbyterian Church from 12:30-6:00 PM)


1 NW Philly Repair Café Banner (color 3’x6’) (Half-Price Banners)


Volunteer Insurance (CIMA)


Resource Directory
(200 B&W copies; 5 pages double-sided)


Posters (200 color 8.5x11 card-stock) (Staples)


Large Posters (101 color 11”x17”) (Staples)


Video production –(5 minute production) (Vision Networks)


Local Newspaper ads (4”x5” Color)(Chestnut Hill Local and The Independent Voice Germantown)




Additional Budget Items


Repair Ticket/Waiver (101 double-sided duplex Color copies) (Staples)


“Fixed” Flyer (101 Color) (Staples)


Repair Café Foundation Netherlands: Information package for USA






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  • cash contributions from friends
  • Repair Cafe Cash Donations
  • Anonymous