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Fundraiser Film Screening of The Take this Sunday, 1/29/12

the project

Nourishing Cities will participate in the 16 week coop academy, an education experience that will provide us with the necessary tools to embark on creating, opening and operating a worker cooperative that focuses on installing edible landscapes in the borough of Queens.

the steps

The steps we'll take to complete the project will be multi tiered consisting of weekly classes offered by WIBO, monthly classes where we will be exposed to issues unique to both worker coops and greeen businesses, deliverables that have to be met by the individuals on the team as well as larger deliverables the team needs to complete, and finally weekly meetings where the team learns how well they work and fit together to keep to the mission of the business and worker coops.

why we're doing it

We're doing this because we believe that worker coops offer a more sustainable alternative to current business model. We believe strongly that in order for a business to be successful in a new economic paradigm the workers and labor must earn a fair salary, have rights and responsibilities in the running of the business and most important of all the business must function in a way that is sustainable and not extracting more from the planet than it can replenish during our individual lifespans.


We are hosting a documentary screening of "The Take" on Sunday, Jan. 29th as part of this fundraising campaign. Please join us! Follow the link for more info:
We are offering a screening of the documentary film "The Take" to be followed by a panel discussion as part of this fundraiser. Here is a link with more info: Please join us!


The project budget is the cost of the five team members to attend the coop academy. project total = $1700 ioby fee = $136 total to fundraise = $1836


Fundraiser Film Screening of The Take this Sunday, 1/29/12

​Documentary Film Screening Fundraiser: The Take

​Sunday, January 29, 2012 from 3-6pm

Yeoryia Rehearsal Studio, Otello Room, 2067 Broadway, New York, NY

$10-15 donation suggested.
Visit our ioby site to give a tax deductible donation ahead of time, be sure to leave a comment about attending the screening in the comments field and or register so we can see that you have paid online:
or cash will be accepted at the door.

Join Nourishing Cities for an evening of community and education. We are screening "The Take" about Argentinean workers who occupy the factory they worked at after it was abandoned, forming a worker coop and starting business again against all odds. For more info visit
There will be a panel discussion including urban farmers and veteran worker cooperative members after the film. Check back for more info and please share with your friends and neighbors.

A,B,C to 72nd and two blocks west or 1,2,3 to 72nd The entrance is just south of Trader Joe's on west side of B'way


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  • Justin L.
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  • Arielle M.
  • Anna T.
  • Patricia R.
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