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One Seed at a time...

the project

The project is to continue to grow food by expanding and upgrading the Keepers House Edible Garden located in Norwood Bronx with our growing diverse community that includes our neighborhood seniors, families, and teenagers from our youth green program. It is to plant seeds that are picked by the growers that resonate with them. It's to provide more accessibility, more food growing opportunities, and more knowledge about food and sustainability while sharing food with neighbors. This project is to keep the garden open and grow knowledge making healthier food choices for a healthier longer life. 

the steps

It begins with taking an inventory of the existing garden and mapping it out. The next step is to review with our volunteers to discuss, plan, and decide on growing spaces. With an order in place for new raised garden beds, the 2nd activity is to review all the seed catalogs unique to seeds that are indigenous, and cultural to the growers. Seed orders are placed. The following activities, include teaching our growers the technical aspects of seeding, talking about food, and sharing stories, with people of all ages interested in the garden. We talk about food and its benefits to our bodies. 

Finally let the seeding begin, a fun activity that happens 3x in a year. This is when we get our fingers full of clean soft seeding soil. We spend the rest of the time in the garden taking care of our seedlings like children at every stage. From seedlings to transplanting to nurturing, protecting, and then the harvest.  

It's an experience every step of the way. Spring, summer, fall, and winter where we begin planning again for the following year. 

why we're doing it

Welcome to Norwood Bronx, zip code 10467. The place where the zip code means BIPOC, at-risk youth, families, single parents, and the median household income is $42, 639. There is a supermarket,  bodegas, and a few cultural grocery stores. Our zip code10467 and the violent crime is 71.6. (The US average is 22.7) and property crime is 63.2. (The US average is 35.4) Green spaces in general, in a city, are linked with a lower risk of crime and when people feel safer, it's an opportunity for less anxiety and more time could be spent on their health physically and mentally. 

Our supermarket makes our food choices. They purchase the food they will sell and we buy the food that is available to us. Variety choices are limited. The pantry gives us foods we don't always eat. When fresh greens are given out, many of our BIPOC families don't know what it is or how to cook them for consumption. With the NeighborFood program, we teach the community about the foods grown locally but also provide them the opportunity to grow the food they are familiar with too. 

We are still #62 ranked for being the most unhealthy county.  “#Not62 – The Campaign for A Healthy Bronx” is a call to action to improve the overall health of Bronx residents. Its mission is to address the social and economic environment, health behaviors, clinical care, and the physical environment through collaboration and partnership across multiple sectors in the Bronx. That is what we're doing! We are participating! 

The Keepers House Edible Garden began in 2019 with just 3 planters. It is still needed in this community of Norwood Bronx.  Our "NeighborFood" team learned about food groups, food types, and growing methods by going back to school for food and farming education. Besides garden maintenance and growing food, the program "NeighborFood" was created to connect the public to the garden including donating it to the pantry nearby. The garden and programming came from a grant given by Mosholu Preservation Corporation. Grant finished, the creation of the garden was completed,  and no other funding came through to continue. But our hearts couldn't let it go. We were teaching so many people and school-aged children to grow food, harvest their own and eat something different. 

Our edible garden at the Keepers House is located in the middle of Norwood and behind a very well-used and loved but sometimes challenging playground- Williamsbridge Oval. We are the ONLY edible garden in Norwood that is accessible to the community and open for residents to come and learn about growing food, harvesting, preparing it, and sharing it with neighbors. 

The community has its challenges, its obstacles for offering opportunities, but people residing and working here have big hearts and this garden is needed to express the good in our neighbors. This edible garden is really an outdoor community kitchen for neighbors, and strangers, for making things right with the world. We are doing it because people should be allowed to grow the food they want to eat and share amidst the surrounding activities that keep people from having an opportunity to plant their culture and build memories around them. This garden could also be what prevents our future generation from lack of food. Once you learn how to grow some food with a seed, you are in control of your life! No one can tell you what you have to eat, when you can eat,  and when you can't eat!  



Final budget


TOTAL RAISED = $1,802.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (4%) $36.04

Original budget

$1000 garden gloves, aprons, pruners

$1000 replacement of seed cell plugs, seed starting soil specific for germinating seeds, neem oil and sprayer. 

$1500 heirloom seeds from seed catalogs that together with community residents and students gather in an organized event to review what they want to grow for spring, summer and fall planting. 

$3000 replacement of  some garden raised beds to galvanized extra tall modular metal raised garden beds. These raised beds are easier for seniors to garden or anyone with back and hip issues, also good for a wheelchair, requires no bending when tending 32" Extra Tall raised beds. It's also a better fit in the tiny garden so more food can be grown and taken care of. The raised beds are an excellent opportunity for project based learning with students. 

$4,000 helps to pay the year round facilitator cost to maintain the edible garden, provide growing and gardening workshops and instructions. 

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 8% N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $220.00
TOTAL TO RAISE $10,720.00

Donation processing fees apply to donations only. 100% of match funding goes to projects. Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised and amount of match funding applied to this campaign.


One Seed at a time...

We are fortunate to reside and work in a community where residents look forward to programming from agencies and organizations like ourselves, FOMP. The well-organized activities are free to the public but they require a list. This list contains the materials that are needed to complete the activity and the hours for the person or people who facilitate the activity with their time. 

We thank the community residents and donors NOW for the gift that you already have provided whether it was this campaign or another one. This particular campaign is a difficult one because it does take this kind of funding and more to bring this level of programming into this zip code. It is a challenge and one that we expected our fellow organizational and business colleague to take on fulfilling their social responsibility which also affects their triple bottom line. For another business, corporation, organization, or foundation, the triple bottom line aims to measure the financial, social, and environmental performance of a company over time. That means, focusing on the future and not just the present and their day-to-day operations. 

We, FOMP, have reached out to the organizations of this initiative as we are the facilitators to carry it on. We have reached out many times. The gifts that were given here are from people who believe in a future that needs real food on the table and from people who grow it.  Again Thank YOU. 

This morning, I reached out again to these organizations for a final push and reminded them how this is a win-win for them. We have one day left. After this campaign, FOMP will continue to honor this very important and needed program with the funds that were fundraised here. We look forward to making that impact. The program will be renamed FOMP Edible Gardens. We will continue to fight for our black, brown, yellow, and olive color community because we are those people and why shouldn't we have opportunities like these? 

Have a happy weekend - and we will keep in touch. To our current gifters, you are our vision of pushing forward. 

Best Aesha

Friends of Mosholu Parkland (Future of Mosholu Parkland Inc as of October 1st 2023) 


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