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the project

North Side Sound System is a community service that makes high quality sound and projection equipment available to community groups, organizations, and residents in Troy Hill and the surrounding North Side area. As of right now, no resource exists for Troy Hill and North Side residents to access affordable sound and projection equipment to host live events. North Side Sound System will allow anyone in the Troy Hill and North Side community the opportunity to rent sound and projection equipment at a convenient location and affordable cost. Speaking events, fundraisers, block parties and other events where sound and projection equipment is required could benefit through use of this service. Troy Hill Citizens Inc. will own the equipment, and all proceeds from rental fees will go directly to Troy Hill Citizens Inc. in an effort to fund more cultural and entertainment oriented events in the Troy Hill and North Side Areas. A small, one hour training session led by the North Side Sound System project leader (Tim Vernon) is required in order to rent the system out. This project will activate a new audience of younger Troy Hill residents looking to host live events, while still acting as a resource for established community organizations and businesses in the area.

the steps

The North Side Sound System crowdfunding campaign will launch with a movie in the park at Troy Hill Citizens Park on the evening of October 17th. Through establishing face-to-face relationships with potential donors, from small business owners to leaders of civic groups or arts organizations, we hope to build a network of individuals and groups that will sustain the service for years to come.

why we're doing it

Troy Hill is my neighborhood. I have lived here for three years, and I've come to self identify as a "Troy Hill resident." Historically, Troy Hill was settled by German immigrants in the 1830's who held working class jobs in mills and on railroads. By 1866, there were 100 families that officially were Troy Hill residents. Today, Troy Hill is a burgeoning working class neighborhood with a growing population of young people. Some are renters, and others are scooping up properties and remodeling them into beautiful spaces. In the future, Troy Hill will continue in the working class tradition it has for years, but it will grow with a greater focus on cultivating the arts and fostering quality businesses. North Side Sound System intends to foster growth for local artists, entrepreneurs, and residents, both young and old.



RAISED = $1,000.00
ioby Platform Fee (to be paid for by the Sprout Fund) $35.00
3rd Party Donation Processing Fee of 3% (to be paid for by the Sprout Fund) $28.11



SUBTOTAL = $1,000
ioby Platform Fee (to be paid for by the Sprout Fund) $35
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee of 3% (to be paid for by the Sprout Fund) $30

1 X ZXA1 powered subwoofer - $500
1 X ZXA1 powered subwoofer case - $100
2 X 12'' Electro Voice ZLX P loudspeaker cases - $100
1 X Abdtech 130'' mini LED projector case - $35
1 X Yamaha MG06 6 channel mixer case - $25
1 X Shure SM58 microphone case - $10
1 X Large rugged duffle bag for speaker stands, XLR cables, and mic stands - $50
Advertising in the North Side Chronicle - $100


Total: $920



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