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the project

Being a child or teenager growing up in today's society and schools can be a bit rough adding to Not having the basic tools you need to succeed. I've seen a difference having simple things like a dress code shirt, fresh pair of socks and a fresh hair do/ cut makes with a child/ teenager attending school the first day.

 What Taunzia'Ink is trying to accomplish in the Collinwood Community with Project "No Back Without A Pack" (Phase1) is an Epic turnout with the supporters in/out of the neighborhoods to design a level of confidence that every child in America cares about attending to school with, espacially on their First Day whether they speak on it or not!  

     Every parent has Fell On Hard Times, this project is not for parents to feel bad about because "As A Community We Can & We Will"!  This is a community event coming together for the best cause ever Our Children, this is the Key that will ultimitly reverse the way children think based on their "Levels Of Confidence" they enter schools with on the first day & every marking period they are attending. We as parents have to come together to make sure all of our children have their basic needs met in and out of school. I'm a true believer now that it doesn't "Take a Village" anymore it takes an entire Community to raise our children with the skilled mentality to KNOW, GO, GLOW AND WIN! 





the steps

Wed. July 31- August 9, 2019

Purchase All Materials Needed: Back Packs, Dress Code Shirts, Socks, Hygene Products/ oils, School Supplies and Breakfast Bars.

Saturday. August 10, 2019

 "No Back Without A Pack" School Drive!

*School Starts On Monday. August 12, 2019

why we're doing it

This amazing project "No Back Without A Pack' will resolve a major social epidemic in our neighborhoods with our children and teenagers in today's society! Walking in any room, with confidence makes you feel as if you can win, will win or already won. Economically what "No Back Without A Pack" (Phase1) will solve is angry children/ teenagers upset about the costant Bullying that occurs when a child/ teenager does not have what he/she needs to feel confident in a world where appearence is out the roof right now do to social media etc. I feel that this will ultimitely help enviornmentally in the communityas well by making sure our children/ teenages are dressed with the level of cofidence they need to succeed feeling good about themselves which will allow them to have an open mind on havinf a great rapport with their neighbors, as well as teaching them the importance of participation in the surrounding enviornment they live and attend school in. I want this project to be a life changing event that changes the way we think and feel about our communities that we're raising our future leaders in, will you help us?



Back Packs- $500

Materials Included:

Dress Code Shirts- $1000 Socks- $500

Gift Cards- $2000

Hygene Products/ Oils- $500

Breakfast Bars, Pencils, Pens, Crayons, Note Book Paper, Notebooks, Kleenex, and Sanitzer- $500

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $156
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $5,191


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