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the project

Newt Miami: Experiments in Light, Color & Sound, or simply NEWT, is a public art installation in Downtown Miami that will transform the 19-story LED wall of the InterContinental Hotel into a digital canvas for performative architecture. Inspired by Isaac Newton's theory that every primary color correlates to a musical note, NEWT has two key components: rapid motion animation and original music composition.  

A collaborative initiative co-created by Dejha Carrington and Kelly Nunes, NEWT aims to elevate a static structure into a participatory work of art.

the steps

Synching music to animation on the LED wall of the InterContinental Miami hotel has never been done in the way we are proposing: being first has its inherent challenges.  Here's a topline list of things we're working on to make it happen: 

- Testing the design, programming and technology on the building's digital canvas

- Crowd-funding and pitching corporate sponsors for suport (In-kind and cash :) 

- Planning open to the public pop-up events throughout the six-day installation

- Designing the opening night and launch experience with a live ochestra 

- Promotion! Making sure that people know to look to the sky from November 10 - 15

why we're doing it

In the early 1980s, famed landscape architect Isamu Noguchi designed Bayfront Park to activate a social network and community through cultural programming.  NEWT seeks to revive Noguchi's vision by using the adjacently located InterContinental building’s existing features to create an artistic experience for public audiences.  Further, as a work of augmented architecture, NEWT would purposefully activate surrounding spaces and businesses through cultural programming.




- $1000 - Transcriber fees for the original musical composition

- $1500 - Website, video, photos, content development

- $1500 - Raising awareness of partner non-profit organization incl. The Miami Foundation 

- $4500 - Satellite events throughout NEWT week

- $2500 - Orchestra/opening launch event 


RAISED = $11,000.00
less ioby Platform Fee (Covered by The Miami Foundation) $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 5% (Covered by The Miami Foundation) $507.64
less Payment Processing Fee (3%) n/a

TOTAL TO DISBURSE = $11,000.00



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