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2800 Archwood Avenue
(Brooklyn Centre)
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the project

Julia De Burgos Cultural Arts Center, a non profit organization located in Cleveland, Ohio has been dreaming of a permanent home for almost 30 years. A few months ago we were introduced to Archwood United Church of Christ and we knew immediately that this was going to be that home, we no longer had to dream. This 200 year old building is grand, boasting over 20,000 sq ft but as you can imagine there is much work that needs to be done.  The money raised will go towards a new security system, cleaning supplies, paint, painting supplies, minor repairs and landscaping.  It is our duty to ensure that our students and families have a welcoming and safe environment. 

the steps

Action Plan

  • Pack and move - rent a dumpster, rent a Uhaul, and purchase cleaning supplies.
  • Security is our main concern. We will replace the current outdated security system, replace locks and rekey those locks that are still in good condition. 
  • Clean and paint classrooms, hallways, and main areas - purchase cleaning supplies, paint, painting supplies, rent a dumpster to remove items in the new building that need to be discarded. 
  • Patch asphalt parking lot 
  • Spruce up landscaping - purchase paper yard waste bags, gardening tools, soil, mulch, and flowers

why we're doing it

Our mission is to transform lives through the arts. This new building allows us to expand our outreach not only to the Latino community but also to the greater Cleveland community.  We will have the capacity to develop new programming, improve existing programming, hold community meetings, and so much more. Cleaning, painting, making minor repairs and sprucing up the landscape is essential to create a safe and welcoming space. 


The possibilities of our new home are endless!

Check out the pictures here or on our Facebook page to see some of the faces that this new building will serve!


Disbursed Budget 8.13.18

Raised = $670.00
less ioby Platform Fee waived
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $19.51
Total to Disburse = $650.49

Original Budget

$1000 -Paint

$500 -Painting Supplies (brushes, tarps, rollers, tape etc)

$500 - Cleaning Supplies (cleaners, garbage bags, rags

$1000 - Landscaping supplies 

$2,500 - New locks/re-key 

$4,000 - Security System

$3,500 -Patch parking lot

Subtotal = 13,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $390
Total to raise = $13,425




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