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the project

New Era Cleveland's focus is creating a pipeline to care that reduces barriers and brings desired services to the doors of the people in love. The core of New Era Cleveland is to influence self-empowerment through knowledge of self, creative self-expression, and more. We conduct intake at the doors and connect to grassroots and staple organizations within their community; when the need cant be matched with an existing program we create and adapt to the people now; examples of these mud roots programs are

  • Create partnership with Ridall to provide opportunities in the agriculture field to develop tomorrow's urban farmers. Our hope for NEC Youth/family creative cultural cooking classes is that the youth will choose healthier options to eat and influence the ones around them to make better choices and show that healthy food tastes and looks good. Youth will be presented with many opportunities to lead creative cooking demos/classes for families. 
  • Using these skills when conflict or adversity arise; improved communication and self-confidence skills. Weekly Family Yoga, Meditation, arts & crafts, trauma and grief recovery focused on healing and building comprehensive families. 
  • Streets that were once dirty and dark will be bright, clean, beautified and unified. Neighborhood clean-ups in various communities, connect to community resources and door-to-door wellness checks providing social services, personal hygiene kits, hot meals, groceries, cleaning supplies, arts & crafts supplies and more.
  • Families will have a trusted relationship to improve opportunity for conflict mediation, youth development, and family development, as well as a pathway for community and our education system to align for the interest of our youth. Bi-Weekly after school Youth conflict resolution at Milkovich Middle school hot chocolate, snacks, books, hygiene kits provided. 
  • New Era CLE Safe Zone community business partnership with local businesses to create areas of refuge for anyone experiencing a crisis and in need of help. 
  • Community patrol program 8-10 elite security, 1 medic, 1 social worker/case worker canvassing various neighborhoods focusing on deterring crime, crisis intervention, and engaging residents in a positive manner. 

These are just a few of the various programs that New Era Cleveland conducts for free for all community members throughout the duration of the year. 


The hope is that we love our people and inspire them to do for themselves that we can come together and focus on building with our neighbor rather than destroy. To create love where you live by making streets beautiful, feeling safe, and ensuring families feel loved and supported. We are the trusted people of these communities that range across the country based on our mindset of an equitable tomorrow for all, with the unapologetic understanding that we have to elevate melanated people first.

the steps

3rd Saturday of the Month Youth/Family creative cultural cooking courses

Bi-Weekly Wednesday Family Self-Defense Classes, Monthly weapons safety and Gun-shot wound bandage. 

Partnership with local business owners to create Safe zones 

Self-Care Sunday Weekly Family yoga, meditation, creative self-expression, arts & crafts, trauma and grief recovery

Bi-Weekly Youth Conflict Resolution and Mediation 

Community Patrols in various communities 

Weekly community Cleanups and door to door engagement (wellness checks) focused on providing resources and social services

why we're doing it

Cities like Cleveland have always been disproportionately affected by poverty, unemployment and poor education and these disparities are directly linked to the despair, hopelessness, anger, and crime we’re seeing in our local neighborhoods.


Cleveland is ranked second poorest city in the US by the World Population Review and 14th for the highest murder per capita in the nation.  And without a doubt, the pandemic exacerbated every problem our community has been experiencing from homicide to suicide and drug overdoses to increased illiteracy and food insufficiency.  


 We as New Era Cleveland understand that is because the basic needs of most people are not being met in our communities. Historically, we have never seen the much needed services and resources brought to the door steps of the people that need them the most. Many of the communities that we serve are classified as food deserts where they have limited access to fresh and healthy food options. The children in our communities can not play at local parks because even those areas that are designated for children and families are not safe spaces. We have formulated a holistic approach to addressing all of these issues as well as others that are going to directly impact individuals and families improving the quality of life, creating new culture, and breaking inter-generational habits. Our programs are designed to instill self-love, self-pride, and cultivate the growth and development of every imagination showing that there are no limitations if we can believe. 


We believe that our liberation,self, and cultural progression is our responsibility. It’s a responsibility that we embrace and carry with pride. New Era Cleveland stands on the 5 pillars of accountability: self accountability, household accountability, community accountability, economic accountability, and political accountability. These 5 pillars build healthy and sustainable communities with comprehensive members.


According to the website Neighborhod Scout there have been 6,281 violent crimes in Cleveland. The chances are 1 out of 59 to become a victim of a violent crime.  Cleveland is ranked number 2 on their safety index meaning it is only safer than 2% of other cities nationwide.  We utilize programs such  (Hood to Hood, The Streets is Watching) and other community based programs in hopes to decrease violent crimes in Cleveland.  The New Era Cleveland safe zone provides safe spaces for people in crisis who may have experienced or witnessed a violent crime.  This area is a place where they can find refuge, access to community resources, and other necessary help.  This will allow New Era Cleveland to  build stronger relationships within the community as well. 


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Budget is recurring expense for each event

*One time purchase 

Youth & Family Creative Cooking Classes

Instructor- $150.00 stipend 

Food- $250.00 

*Equipment- $600.00

Venue- $250.00

Sha’Shawns Ride

Creative reading & writing materials and lessons, books and flyers- $200.00

Outdoor activities and games- $125.00

Hot coco- $60



Snack- $50

Self-Care Sunday (Family Yoga and meditation)

Instructor stipend- $150.00

Grief & Trauma Specialist- $150.00

*Yoga mats- $600.00

Snacks & Water- $100.00

Hygiene kits- $75

Arts & crafts supplies- $75.00

Bus- $5,000

New Era CLE Safezone

Strategic Lock down procedure guidelines- $50.00

Safety Kit- $50.00

Community Patrol “Streets Is Watching”


Elite Security- $25.00 per hr

Medic- $18.00 per hr

Social Worker- $25.00 per hr

Community Clean Up “ Hood To Hood”

*Cleaning Equipment- $150.00

Resource Guides- $125.00

Roses- $250.00 

Cleaning personnel- $60.00 stipends

Administrative Costs 

Zoom Membership

Workbooks membership 

Linktree $30 a year

Collaboration app membership

Gas stipend 

RPG Flags and print

NEC Elite Incentives ( adults and youth)


Operating Fund



Sleeping bags

Blow up mattresses




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