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Justin M
112 – 116 west 123rd Street
Manhattan (Harlem)
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Great photos of the reconstruction!

the project

The community garden in Harlem on 123 Street was destroyed by a developer on May 4th 2012. The developer mishandled the renovation and the adjacent building collapsed and destroyed the entire garden. There are over 1000 residents on our street and over 150 active members of block and garden associations. The garden serves an important community resource for the elderly, families, and students.

What was destroyed: Gated fence, 30 garden boxes, Supply shed, handicap ramp, patio, picnic tables and benches, water containment materials, a full array of gardening supplies, heritage roses, apple tree, gazebo, limestone walk way, grape vines, and variety of plants, herbs, and vegetation.

For photos of  the garden, site and reconstruction see our Flickr page:

Before destruction:

During the destruction:

NOW, starting to rebuild: 


the steps

  • We have formed an all-volunteer garden committee to organize and rebuild.
  • We are working with NYC Parks Department and Green Thumb to coordinate the rebuild process and possible settlement with the developer.
  • We have already remediated the soil, brought in new soil, and cleared away any final debris.
  • A landscape architect has mapped out the blueprints on the rebuild process and prepared an inventory of garden items to replace (fence, trees, bushes, plants, walkway, etc)
  • A volunteer committee has created a punch list of equipment to replace: water drums and buckets, shovels, gloves, picnic table, benches, wood box frames, hammers, nails, rakes, gardening tools, seeds and saplings, water hoses, and many other items to sustain a community garden.
  • We also need to communicate to the community on needs, resources, and updates on the progress and shortfalls of the effort.
  • The funding will go toward replacement items. We have the volunteers, we just need the tools to keep things in motion.

why we're doing it

The empty lot is designated green space protected by the NYC Parks Department who is supporting the rebuild effort. We know that any settlement with the developer will be long, arduous, and a fraction of what will be necessary. To make up the significant short fall we are seeking outside support. We have already been pledged a $2000 grant from the NYC Citizen’s Committee and hopefully can turn to our elected officials, local area businesses, and public citizens to help. Our specific needs will help us get started.

Click here to learn more about the 123 St Block Association:


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 4/17/15):

RAISED = 395.00
less ioby Platform Fee  waived
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) 18.81
less 3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) 11.50

Garden Boxes
a. 26 boxes
i. Lumber: 2”x10”x8’ (576 linear feet) in 8 foot links
ii. Soil (30 cubic yard of top soil)
iii. Box liner (900 sq ft. of soil separator fabric)
iv. 4” screws (600 galvanized wood screw)



  • $950 for water containing items: Water drums, water buckets, hoses, watering pots, etc.
  • $900 for assortment of gardening tools: rakes, shovels, gloves, hoes, etc.
  • $1150 for picnic related items: table, benches, chairs, lighting
  • $750 for rebuilding garden boxes: wood frames, joints, screws, nails, hammer 
  • $400 to build or purchase composters
  • $300 for communication to the community (cork board/billboard, handouts, basic office/administrative)


SUBTOTAL = $4,450
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $223
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $134




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