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Darcie G
Nettleton Avenue
(downtown Memphis, South Main Street)
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the project

We plan to transform a privately owned railroad embankment lot in Memphis, Tennessee at the corner of Nettleton Avenue and Tennessee Street into a community fruit tree orchard (similar to a community garden) and green space. The benefits of the community orchard are that it will join the downtown community together to make the neighborhood cleaner, safer, vibrant and livable; improve awareness of our environment and community health; and, enhance bio-diversity and build community food security.

the steps

We will purchase 7 fruit trees, compost and support materials (gators -- a water tube to go around the tree, support sticks), fruit bushes, and flowers. We will secure the water meter and purchase a hose. We will gain permission to paint part of the train bridge wall to promote the Nettleton community orchard. We will have a team to maintain the community orchard, but the ongoing maintenance is much less than a community garden.

why we're doing it

As members of the downtown community, we want to turn an undevelopable piece of land into a productive, visually appealing and environmentally sustainable asset for the community.


7 fruit trees  $200

compost, stakes, gators  $150

signage for trees and paint & brushes for a section of the railroad bridge  $150

flowers and fruit bushes along with planting soil and compost  $200

water (annually)  $300

temporary water meter (annually)  $20

temporary fencing for Memphis in May  $50

lumber for flower beds - $100

rent for plot from Nettleton Homeowners Association - $12

garden hose  $20

2 pet waste centers and a year’s supply of bags — $200


SUBTOTAL = $1,402
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $42


RAISED = $643.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $18.73



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