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the project

The Corners of Highland Heights Community of Shalom is teaming up with Crossroads to Freedom at Rhodes College to train youth archivists from the ‘Heights’ and Treadwell Middle School to interview the elders in their neighborhood.  Over an eight week summer program, middle school students will be mentored by college interns with the Crossroads project.  While on the Rhodes campus, youth will learn interviewing techniques that will allow them to discover positive memories and valuable wisdom from their neighborhood elders.  The youth will get hands on experience with video, audio, lighting, editing and other technology skills needed to capture oral histories in the Heights and preserve the interviews on the archive.  At the end of the summer, the youth will present the highlights of the oral histories and what they have learned back to the community.   Through this project, the youth claim their own voice and power to be change agents that build an even stronger neighborhood…just like their elders did and continue to do today.

This project was piloted during the summer of 2013.  You can see the video presentation that the youth, along with their college mentors, created at the end of the summer below. 

All the interview subjects had a connection to Treadwell – most while it was a high school. 

Without exception, every youth who participated in 2013 asked to be able to work on the project in 2014!

With your help, the 2014 the Neighborhood History Project of the Heights and Treadwell will be inviting these youth to come back from summer 2013 and serve as additional mentors and role models to the 2014 youth.  In addition, these returning youth will have a second day each week at Rhodes to get even more hands on experience with editing and archiving the video interviews.

This project exemplifies collaboration at its best as it brings together youth, college students and elders.  It leverages churches, schools and other nonprofits in the community as well as institutions, such as Rhodes, from outside the neighborhood.  In addition, youth meet college interns from colleges across the south including Vanderbilt, Morehouse and others.

The greatest power of this project happens as young people sit across from older people and rediscover how much each cares.  Anytime we gather to reconnect and reassemble the members -- and the memories -- of a community, amazing things happen.

the steps

  • Spring 2014 – Recruit youth archivist and interview subjects
  • June 2014 (1st week) – Training and orientation
  • June-July 2014 – Youth spend 1 day/week on the Rhodes Campus learning interview techniques and technology skills.  Youth spend 1 day/week in the Heights conducting interviews (approximately 3 interviews per day at 45 minutes each).  2nd year youth will spend an additional day on campus each week editing and archiving interviews.
  • July 2014 (last week) – Youth presentation to the community

Crossroads to Freedom at Rhodes provides great support to this project.  College students will continue to work on the project during the fall of 2014 ensuring that all interviews are archived, along with transcripts, permanently at the website  

why we're doing it

The neighborhoods surrounding Treadwell schools are today affectionately referred to as ‘the Heights’.  (Most end with this word in their name: Highland Heights, Mitchell Heights, Brinkley Heights, etc.).  The conflation of these diverse neighborhoods into one symbolic reference, the Heights, springs from a growing passion and active work to be a community unified!

Treadwell is at the center of most great stories that are told about this community.  Assembling and collecting these great memories from the past are vital to the new and vibrant future emerging for this special collection of united neighborhoods.

Who better to be the architects of this re-assembling and the curators of this remembering than the youth of this community alongside the elders!


Youth Stipends ($25/each/week): $1,400

Local Coordinator: $1,500

Transportation of youth to Rhodes: $188

Hand-held video cameras for taking footage in neighborhoods around Treadwell ($300ea): $600

End of year presentation (food, space, publicity): $400

Miscellaneous: $500  

All donors will receive an invitation to the final presentation!

SUBTOTAL = $4,588
ioby Platform Fee  waived
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $138

Budget Update, 3/21/2014

100% of the money raised on ioby will go to fund the youth stipend part of our program. We are continuing to fundraise for the remainder of our goal via our website and grant applications. Several grants are pending decision. Our partner, Rhodes College, is also fundraising for their portion of the program (a separate budget), and as appropriate, they will be including our budget needs in their 'asks' and proposals. Finally, last year we ran the program with no additional funding. We used the existing resources within the community. If none of our fundraising efforts beyond the ioby's funds materialize, we will still be running the Neighborhood History Camp this summer, using our collective, existing assets.

RAISED = $583.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $7.14



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