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the project

As a multimedia artist, I explore the intersection of art, healing, and social impact. My creative journey unfolds across various mediums, from paint and sculpture to digital art and found objects. This exploration fuels my work as an Art Therapy Practitioner, where I witness the profound potential of art to foster self-discovery and well-being. This experience, in turn, infuses my artistic practice with a deep empathy for the human condition, shaping the themes and narratives I explore in my creations.

Beyond the studio, my passion for fostering artistic expression extends into the community. I am the driving force behind a non-profit organization, dedicated to creating a vibrant arts space that empowers others. This allows me to bridge the gap between artistic creation and social impact, fostering a world where art can enrich and heal.

My journey began in event planning, but a yearning for deeper expression led me back to school for a Community Arts degree.  This path continued with Art Therapy Practitioner Certification, igniting a passion to explore the intersection of art and healing.  Fueled by a lifelong love of the outdoors, I also earned my Leave No Trace Instructor Certification.  This unique blend of skills sparked the creation of a non-profit organization.  We bring Art, Nature, and STEAM experiences to rural and minority communities, fostering a love of learning and creativity while bridging the gap between artistic expression and social impact.


the steps

In the next five years, our non-profit aims to blossom into a cornerstone of artistic and environmental education for underserved communities.  We'll achieve this through a three-pronged approach:

  • Expanding Programs: We'll diversify our offerings beyond one-time workshops, introducing multi-week Art, Nature, and STEAM programs tailored for different age groups and interests. This could include after-school programs, summer camps, and adult education workshops.
  • Partnerships: Collaboration is key. We'll forge partnerships with local schools, libraries, and environmental organizations to offer our programs within existing community hubs. This increases accessibility and leverages existing resources.
  • Sustainability:  We'll cultivate a strong donor base and explore grant opportunities to secure long-term funding.  Additionally, we'll develop social enterprise initiatives within our art programs, where participants can create and sell artwork, generating income to support future programs.

Through this growth plan, we envision a future where our organization becomes a vital resource, fostering creativity, environmental awareness, and a sense of community within the populations we serve.


why we're doing it

This initiative isn't a one-time fix; it's a commitment to long-term impact. By providing ongoing, accessible arts, nature, and STEAM experiences, we cultivate a future where creativity, environmental awareness, and a strong sense of community thrive in underserved communities.

Intensive Learning & Community: The small, dedicated group at these retreats fosters deep learning. Exchanging ideas and challenges with peers facing similar journeys will spark new perspectives and problem-solving approaches. Additionally, the focused environment allows for intensive learning from experienced artist peer facilitators.



  • Art Supplies
  • Science Equipement
  • Horticulture Supplies
  • Sketch Journals
  • an Ipad Pro 


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